KawaiiKon 2016

From what I heard, some of the people who run AWA take a vacation in the Spring to visit Hawaii. While at it they also produce Kawaii Kon. Spring is a good time to go because it’s considered off-season, and the weather in Hawaii doesn’t really get much colder in April than it does in any other month.

WTB anime con where you float down the stream

The con is located in Oahu, Honolulu, in Ala Moana, wedged between the large shopping mall and the north end of Waikiki. It’s pretty natural to stay in Waikiki for the con and also enjoy the vacation destination setup that it is. Too bad I’m already allocating all my off time this year for events so I can’t stay the extra time to enjoy Hawaii…

[I hear AX this year is going to be pretty good guest-wise? I’m just full of hearsay today.]

I really do not know what I am going to get at Kawaii Kon. That will be part of the experience attending a con at a vacation destination that is known for its tropical weather and coastal beauty. I don’t really have much to add besides it also sort of redeems missing Sakuracon and AX, as far as Hanabe goes? And I’m probably going to see Waka again? How many Trigger cosplayers will be there? Not even really excited for Garnidelia makes me a little sad but ML3rd is like this thing that drives me, and that’s next week.

Oh wait, Shimoda Asami. I’m flying to Hawaii to see Shimoda Asami. This would be the 4th time I’ll see her in the past 11 months? I’m not even an Tokachigumi guy LOL.

Since my attendance is kind of last-minute we didn’t plan much, other than this live stream in a couple days, a BBQ, and a dinner on Friday. Nothing out of the ordinary!

I am just glad to be able to get away from this faux-Spring weather with sub-40F temperature in the morning…

A stepping stone to Machi Asobi and AFA in the future I guess? Getting farther and farther out? Or maybe I need to take it west and hit up Europe for some of their offering? Anime 2016 in Netherlands sounds like a fun time…

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