First Deculture

There are a few dozens of narrative strands you can go with on Macross Delta, but the one that came to me happens to be the way I went into it with any interest at all: a Flying Dog PV that is inconveniently Youtube Red-Blocked for us Americans:

I think back to the ways of Kawamori and the approach he has had with idol culture, at least as far back as the original Macross, he is kind of a big deal? I don’t know how well everything translated to the effects he wanted to achieve over time with his projects, but it’s safe to say he had some good ideas.

The immediate comparisons with Frontier is clear. Macross Delta features a brand new seiyuu idol-type in Suzuki Minori (red). Less clear is how JUNNA (blue) plays the ringer role in Walkure, the person splitting singing duty with voice-acting Amisuke  for the role of Mikumo. Well, it’s no longer that much less clear with the PV. I think JUNNA brings a lot to the group and I’m glad all of it works. Yasukichi (yellow) and Naobou (green) both are known qualities but it’s harder to say how our two new comers are. On that note Nishida Nozomi (pink) is an unknown for the most part as well, and beyond Walkure there’s still that Seto-chan lurking in the foreground?

The idol group concept came to Macross much too little, and in Delta, arguably too late. It’s clear that the concept is not foreign to the franchise and it just wasn’t a big focus until now. It makes you wonder why? And to an extent it is hard to be hard on the franchise for trying to grapple such a fluid, general notion, at least in the past 10 years or so. I still have a hard time distilling it down, and I’m not some large company trying to “committee” this.

If Frontier gave us Mamegu and May’n, I hope the newcomers in Delta get their variable wings too. Now to figure out how to incorporate all those W hand signs to WUG and IM@S.

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