Eventing 2017

[Last year’s event log here. Last update Feb. 28]

This is a blog post that will keep track of the nerd events I’m attending in 2017. It will be updated over time to add/delete and update the status of the events I plan to attend or have attended. If you’re going to one of these, feel free to let me know ahead of time.

Oh, my Eventernote profile here.

(1/6-8) Taiyoucon @ Mesa Convention Center, AZ -> Complete!

(1/27-29) LisAni Live 2017 @ Nippon Budokan -> Complete! Disillusion ftw!

(1/28-29) THE IDOLM@STER Producer Meeting 2017 @ Tokyo Metro Gym -> Complete! ;_;

(3/4) Angela @ Nippon Budokan -> Ticketed… Looks like I still have spare tickets!

(3/5) Sphere @ Yoyogi National Gym -> Ticketed. I also have an extra to Ohashi Ayaka’s solo live on 3/5 that I obviously can’t use.

(3/9) ZAQ Acoustic @ Star Pine’s Cafe -> I got in, LOL.

(3/10-12) THE IDOLM@STER Million Live 4th Live Thank You for Smile @ Nippon Budokan -> More or less all set.


(3/31-4/2) Anime Boston @ Hynes Convention Center, MA -> Maybe

(4/7-9) Kawaii Kon @ Hawaii Convention Center -> Maybe…….ugh.

(4/22-4/23) 765 Million Stars First Time In Taiwan @ TICC -> Ticketed and all set….ugh.

(5/26-28) AZ/ANorth roulette

(6/9-11) Anime Next @ ACCC -> Maybe

(6/30-7/4) Anime Expo @ LACC -> Definitely going

(8/11-8/13) Otakon @ Water E. Washington Con Center, Wash. DC -> Also going


Kawaiikon remains a big question mark. I’m also pretty lukewarm about Anime Boston now, but I might still wing it for a weekend, minimal PTO maximum pain.

Not included is a WUG event at Laketown on 3/4 which I can make, LOL. Excited about the trip! It’s probably my only long trip to Japan this year (thankfully) so will enjoy it max by visiting Oarai and Sendai as well.

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