Why Seiren?

I read this and I’m like, is there some global conspiracy to remove Photokano from this discussion? Why are there pent-up expectation for Seiren to be the next Amagami when during pre-prod it looked like a limp resurrection of the concept that was put into the grave by Photokano? Is Photokano anime the Tsukihime of anime?

Anyways, as someone who’s actually watched Photokano to its (rewarding?) end (little sister episode yeah?) I can’t imagine Seiren, from the big picture point of view, to be an improvement. People who expected Amagami should just go watch more Amagami. Or better yet, play the games. I don’t think Kimikiss or Amagami anime can be topped at this point, there’s just too much rose-colored crap clogging people’s thinking at this point.

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