Anime Expo 2018: Day -2

I’m still at home and procrastinating on my packing. I fly out Tuesday night to LA. It’s gonna be a fun time at AX, except a part of me just want to stay home and grind UNION for the Nth time. Maybe I can do both, because on schedule, AX 2018 is packed with interesting things I want to see. I want to see SudoP’s panel, and ask him about Hellshake. I want to see Trigger again and rep IDOLM@STER at A-1’s panel. I want to see Tsugutsugu and the other cast members from SAO and GGO. But nope, all those things conflict with anisong events and whatever.

Unlike the usual collection posts, this year I’ll just take it easy. The only AX-sponsored autograph I want to see are the PA Works/Maquia team. (And we’re giving them flowers?) I don’t think I’ll splurge for sketches, although I think there are still prizes in Kentia waiting to be uncovered. There are prime first-hour deals for Premiere badge holders that I can take advantage of, and more in terms of on-the-ground data collection that needs to be done.

But I’m okay with a less engaging AX. JKL featuring Cinderella Girls is enough of a reason to do AX all by itself. Bonus is the party I’m throwing, the Mogra thing Fakku is doing (OMG INOTAC), and just about everything else. Meeting up with friends is also a well-honored reason to con, especially meeting guys coming from Europe. And Japan. And Korea and Taiwan.

Anyways, just dropping some links. Feel free to comment and add more AX related heads’ ups.

PS. There’s this guy who harasses people on twitter (and elsewhere) about Smash Bros. and IDOLM@STER. I bring this up because MoriP will be at AX (as a forward-facing industry member, I’m sure this is not his first rodeo at all) so you can go and ask him to do something about it?

PPS. Hey, Aqours! You are all right, I saw that screening last weekend and it was fun. But your fans need to cut out that crap about overwork LOL.


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