Newsletter, Mar. 2, 2021 Update

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-03-02

The experiment continues for the third time.

I had to tear myself away from Umamusume to do anything related to proper life-based responsibilities, yet I still don’t have enough time logged for a game that I spent so much time thinking about.

This Past Week

I am not much of a Nintendo person but Project Triangle Strategy is the kind of game that tickles my pickles. The demo is out on Switch so give that a try.

The new trailer for Dragon Maid S is sublime. That’s what the S stands for. Seiyuu hip-hop rhymes I can get 足りない!There was also an announcement stream. Anyways, July season looking good!

Netflix you crazy.

Otakon can pay its bills.

Couple items I left out from last week – Nanasis movie preview, Netflix being less crazy – WIT animation academy.

Hmm. Yes, Kurocon activities are afoot.

AEG LMAO – they’re going to branch into concert promos in JP?

Rieri , or Rie Takahashi, launches solo music brand.

On the Mind

Horses. Lots of horses.

There are horses on my phone. The pre-launch live stream has a lot of good overview of the gameplay. It still retains the Dire1 soul, making this the most IM@S game outside of IM@S. Only if Shiny Color could be like this…

I have written the primer on my end. That and all the links should get you started assuming you know how to install/play Japanese app games.

Do you remember Kurt Schilling? Really should take a page from Masahiro Tanaka all day everyday man.

Less horse, but I hope the best for Ogata.

I watched the Zombieland Saga live stream. It was a lot of fun–in a musical kind of way. If anything I think that is the best format for anime-oriented seiyuu unit content, but it’s asking a lot of them. Traditionally anyways. There were some news that came of it, and they performed the upcoming OP and ED during the show too.

On the IDOLM@STER front, Lisani Live had some of the best musical performances from both CG and ML. Rock the Beat Harmonics was chillingly solid and showed off Kiyono Yasuno’s voice really well. Rock arrangements of Dear and Airu were mind blowing. The timeshift for the show lasts till Friday, on Nico, Stagecrowd (recommended), and Streaming+.

Datte Anata wa Princess dropped for Popmas, well… Not that I have any time to play this game with Horses all day everyday.

Mushoku Tensei finally got started, although, dang, underage kids trying to do sex things can be a bit iffy. In retrospect it was done as much class as it could have been. I mean, is this a PG-13 series or what? R? Rating it R would be safe.


Kadokawa Light Novel Expo…I guess starts Friday and runs for a while.

milet has a live stream for her concert on Saturday, will be good I hope.

Show By Rock has its big festival on Sunday.

Personal Note

Get your COVID vaccine! I got my first shot.

Where I live, we got a ton of snow during February–this Feb is one for the record books. I’m glad we’re done with snow this year, or about to be anyways.

Singaporean MC-personality and my friend Ash landed a gig for AnimeJapan this year, cheers for that! Look forward to it at the end of the month.

Long Reads

If you haven’t, this documentary short from 2016 details Haru Urara’s story. (I guess Masa is a fan of her). ESPN 30 for 30 does some cool stuff. I guess it’s more like a short watch than a long read.

For a real read, check out Megumi Hayashibara’s new book. It’s in English as a simul-pub in JP from Yen Press. Probably a must-read for seiyuu types like myself…after the horses are done running… Here’s a promo message she recorded for us.

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