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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-03-29

Just a note–I might be trying out different newsletter services and providers in the coming weeks. I didn’t mention how I switched last week–which was just using my blog’s own hosting instead of MailChimp. That might be better in the end, but deliverability might not be the best, I don’t know. Thanks to Substack this whole sector is now buzzing with 3rd party providers helping hapless writers do IT, so there are more choices now than before especially for non-marketers.

Feel free to ping me if you have any concerns or are not receiving them. The email this week is going to go out on EmailOctopus. Probably will try something different again next week? I don’t know.

This Past Week

It’s not exactly anime, but the best anime this year is now on Netflix worldwide except a few regions that have separate licensing agreement: PUI PUI MOLECAR.

Bannam reorgs its oversea stuff. CR deal gets extra scrutiny. Maybe they’re curious about the new Precure streams? Joke aside I’m not too worried.

On that note, here are the CR Spring licenses, and Funi’s. The usual is happening where some dubs get one and subs get the other.

Sidonia gets game.

Tsukihime Remake gets release date: 8/26. Supposedly this will have only Ciel and Arc routes but loaded with new content so it has about as much content as the original game. The new cast is also listed, along with announcement for a new Melty Blood game. Details in link.

Girl’s Frontline anime gets trailer. These Chinese mobile game anime are really more miss than hit it seems, but maybe this one bucks the trend.

Eva 3+1 still raking it in the news, but now you can reenact SK8 ending sequences using EVA boards.

On the note of obnoxious anime names with music instrumentation, here’s a new challenger.

Roselia films on stream? This is sorta new.

The annual report from the AJA is out, covering the year 2019. It does mention COVID but no numbers from the past year. English summary report is worth noting but a bit more rah-rah-go-industry this time than usual.

There were a bunch of news out of Anime Japan, but most of them are new anime or game tie-in announcements. There were a few stages where the performers sung their new OP/ED live too. Notably Megamiryo… Cosplayer unit doing the songs sure is a thing now! Oh, Netflix is also doing something… but they actually announced a stream to do that at AJ rather at AJ itself. And instead of me delaying this post by recapping AJ news, just read this.

On the Mind

Horses, but the anime. Umamusme Season 2 concluded with a pre-show live stream with a nice cast, and you can catch it on Youtube. The season finale is also magical. It takes home the idea behind transforming horses into people and then telling it like an ESPN 30-for-30 elevates a story with sports, not glorification of cool military gear, problematic political actors, or other things that have a lot of baggage.


Here’s a US-based one: Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC is now virtual. It’s this Saturday from noon to 3pm.

IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors 3rd tour begins this weekend at Nagoya.

D4DJ Merm4id solo show this weekend.

Yui Makino!

Halko Momoi’s show this weekend is viewable online.

Konomi Suzuki’s tour stop this week is viewable as well.

Charming dork Azusa Tadokoro has a one-off online concert this weekend! I am looking forward to this a lot.

Japan Online Fes 2021 Spring starts this week weekend and will run also next weekend. Couple Bandori groups, Sayuri, ReoNa, and a lot more on the artist list.

Personal Note

Short read, but sports–Masahiro Tanaka somewhat confirms what happened last year in Florida, as some feared his family were targeted by racists. I guess it’s not personal, but here’s just to say that even voicing FUD have a chilling and negative impact, and it’s reason enough to make loud statements to push back against that kind of stuff even if people may have a right to voice their fear, doubts and uncertainty. A society without sensible self-restraint is a society without nice things, and I want to live in a society full of nice things.

Long Reads

Go watch Season 2 of Umamusume, then read the real thing. (Where’s part 2? I have no idea.)

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