Omonomono Newsletter, July 11 Update

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Great way to kill this blog is to, uh, run an online convention. Thank you Tadokoro-san!

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-07-11

It’s over, so I can change gears and go back to life as it were a few months ago. Maybe. I do realize I miss my eventer and real life friends, as well as the ability to travel for leisure overseas. Which is really just another way to say that it’s nice to hit reset on my perspective on all kinds of ways in my life as the world continues to grapple with the pandemic.

Back to online events, anime news, and what else is new? Oh a new season of anime I guess. Starting from the last news letter, so a lot of old news ahead.

These Past Weeks

In no particular order (as it were):

There’s some internet chatter about a now-shuttered kickstarter gaining steam as a pirate site aggregator.

More CRX guests.

GKIDS grabs famous Miyazaki anime, Future Boy Conan.

Hiro Shimono is recovering from COVID.

Hibiku Yamamura is recovering from COVID.

Haruki Iwata is recovering from COVID.

As we enter the summer months in Japan, a new round of State of Emergency is declared (4th) that will cover the oban period. It’s really just so the governments can signal to its people that certain activities are not recommended and force some businesses to limit their activity.

An animator called out MAPPA for low pay on a Netflix project, and they responded.

What are sequels I don’t know.

A belated birthday to Ai Fairouz.

A Satoshi Kon doc.

Anime Expo Lite was a thing, and will continue to be until next week.

Starlit Seasons update.

Congrats Kristen and Clifford!

Kana Hanazawa moves to Pony Canyon and has a new album.

The new Okada film looks rad.

KFC and Kaguya-sama tweets.

CR in Europe hires UK ad firm to launch nendo into the sky using a weather balloon.

Monster Strike x Aqours

Are they going to bring ZONE back again?

The new Kobayashi Dragon Maid anime is out proper (not the short series). To celebrate we had the cast perform not only the new ending in this PV, but also the first OP in this new video (!!!). The new OP also has a full PV already. Thanks, forward-thinking music team!

Aniplex Online Fest 2021 is still up till the 11th!

Thanks, paleontology nerd.

More IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE things I want but can’t see in person. Seeing Matsuri on those Akiba elevators would have been so nice…

Someone TL’d the survey results from the MLTD Famitsu anniversary survey.

Oh, Amazon gets on the new Eva film. Damn, I need to pay to watch this…

On the Mind

Now that Kurocon is done: this.

Machico is tilting the land here.

There was a Spinning Rinze, then a Spinning Tenka. Is this part of that?

I am grinding the Million Live anniversary event as I speak and type. What sucked was that I didn’t really have time to enjoy edeN before the event began just a day later? I guess this is as good as it gets.

Between this and Kurocon, I have no time for horses though. Sucks, because there’s an event right now. Meanwhile there was a Pakatube stream (mini stream?) and this.

I started the new season gingerly and a few shows were interesting. The wildly awkward romcom this season is just a bit too cringe for me but maybe it’ll move past the forceful entry into a threesome. The two-part pilot from the new Frontwing property is a bit too much cringe in the other direction, but at least talking about Otani scored it some points. Gingerly.


Anime Lockdown this weekend.

IDOLM@STER at Bili, watch here! Free stuff all weekend. Paid too.

Maisen Music Fest continues this weekend.


Some SRW thing.

Canime 10th. Free on YT.

Nano has a thing.

Next week, Youtube music weekend all weekend. Friday night. Saturday day. Saturday night. Sunday.

Hagaren has a 20th stream during the week?

InoTak x Suisei sure is a thing now, also during the week?


A JAM Project stream.

WOWOW is doing a TK 10th session, shucks.

The usual Dialogue+ Flafla stream next Friday.

Utada Fan Pick.

What’s Overrun? I know the people in it but??

Ogura Yui.

Personal Note

Still working on some lingering items for Kurocon–I hope you all had a good time and fill our survey. It’ll be up on this twitter whenever Kuro wants to send it out lol.

Trying to adjust to another phase of life right now, but things are going as well as they are so I’m pretty chill out here. I hope this second COVID summer is more enjoyable than the last!

Long Reads

D4DJ developer interview are now in English. So what did Kidani watch that inspired him to do this project?

Repotama, a Japanese anime site, is posting some English content again? Read this May’n interview.

Umamusume music interview.

For an earworm, here’s the utaiwake for the MLTD 4th theme.

Both Happy New Yell bluray previews are out, and they are long as usual.

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