Omonomono Newsletter, July 19 Update

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As I churn these out periodically a week is about as long as I can stretch this format. So maybe I’ll keep it on pace. In hindsight some of these sections needs better retooling in cases where I skip weeks too.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-07-19

I didn’t know Suwa was in Hosoda’s new film. I guess some people really liked it out in FR.

This Past Week

Welcome back Hibiku.

Taiki Matsuno caught COVID.

HBD Kiyono-san. HBD to the Matsuda sisters. HBD to Nansu. HBD Seed.

Japan protects its cultural asset with tax deduction.

Hosoda’s Belle opens modestly, but also in IMAX for the first time.

Damn, I’m still not used to Ikumi as Arc, but Edechan as Ciel is :ok_hand:

Maybe you can get a pair of these before the Amazon screening of the new Eva film. BTW 4-month tally here.

In less cringe-inducing merch news, the anime of the year now has a proper nendo.

Chinese video game have a collab with American bubble tea chain. I got mine!

Astro Boy anime on YouTube.

I’m more a Nadeshiko person but this Rin apron is 10/10. Here’s another Yurucamp thing about parasitic insects?

Congrats to Haruka Yoshimura for her firstborn son. Cheers to the celebrity couple.

Congrats to Asuka Itou for her firstborn daughter. And marriage, lol.

A bit old but, full Refrain Kiss saikou.

Publisher Weekly and ICv2 on publishing disruption due to COVID.

Jpop/anisong artist miwa recorded a song with a stadium full of people (2000?).

I have something to say about this kind of thing, which is it really comes off rubbish when people judge some media franchise based on only the derivative product. Yes, the manga adaptation has stopped because the mangaka has passed away (RIP), but the light novels are still going so the story will not end? It’s that simple. This is the kind of bullshit people put up with from this fandom. I have no problem using the helpful info from manga readers about new anime every season, even if the manga are adaptations too, but so many people don’t even get this and it is a problem.

SRW 30 is available overseas. I can just get it off Steam (which would probably run great on that Steam handheld, right? Maybe?).

Some more Anime Tube thing. And the big picture view. Can use a full article but Quarkboy is pretty spot on and if you don’t see things on his level then maybe you aren’t really looking…

When NHK’s weekend pop music program showcased the Umamusume, they added calls to the performance of Umapyoi and it was, well, loud.

Azur Lane details collab with IDOLM@STER (OG) in a live stream featuring the seiyuu. Some uncultured swines complained about how it’s not CG or Shiny, which was expected. That said, it is very amusing and on brand that you can’t wed the 765Pros, so instead they changed that mechanic with some kind of kizuna crown thing.

New Shinymas concert in October. Happy Buffet? When will we get Happy Viking?

Sphere has a VR live soon. That’s neat.

On the Mind

Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Muri. Muri. This is why I’ll die on 7/22.


Love Supreme is good.

DMM is running a site-wide coupon to prey on Summer Vacation types in Japan, which means I bought some ASMR Reina Ueda stuff.

I guess it’s that time of the year!

New season is rolling, but nothing really jumped out for me. Probably will keep the usual dozen or so going. Game-wise, I really dig Idoly Pride. I mean it’s natural that an idle game will fit me the best now. Helps a lot that the game itself is pretty polished, but I’m also at the point where I can see all the seams now lol.

New anime… Realist, Theater Girls; maybe the dead detective one; maybe Bakarina S2 (S1 wore me out already tbh); Kobayashi Dragon Maid S2; Slime S2 Pt2; Maybe Kanojo mo Kanojo…?; Bokutachi no Remake (I guess this one does jump a bit); Seirei Gensouki; Sonny Boy; Aquatope; 100man S2; Meikyuu Black Company maybe; Uramichi Oniisan maybe (this kind of comedy tend to wear out fast for me); probably Love Live Superstars (although this one hits like an Aikatsu or Precure…which is a miss for me); plus the usual continuations.


Olympics in Japan begins 7/25. That impacts just about all the anime events in Japan because of cascading impact of talent, facility and policy changes as a result. For better or worse, it’s all gonna be over soon?

Last week I checked out Kayatan’s Aquarium live event with “husband” Reina Ueda and it was a chill time. I also caught Jam Project on Sunday and that was fun. Intermittently, there’s also a show put on by the Tokyo Metro Government featuring some anisong staples that I watched.

The week before was pretty busy, with IDOLM@STER all-branch show at Bili Bili.

For this week–

Luna Haruna Best stream with her commenting in it, 7/21!

Ucchi orchestra part two 7/22.

Some Happy Around disco thing?

Karin and Miyu for D4DJ DJ time this week.

Hayamin radio 10th anniversary celebration show with ChanRina.

Tomokara live this weekend.

LAZY stream lmao. I might get this just for the lols.

Akino Arai Piano stream.

Personal Note

This is going to be this summer’s hot take all summer. We all want to put this behind us, but somehow we cannot just have nice things, so here we are. At least Canada is going to let us in soon?

Other than that, not a lot going on. Wrapping up on Kurocon businesses and such. Watching Otani smash. I didn’t race horses much at all this month. I think I might try for the Diamond Joker event? Maybe? Weird swing towards Theater Days that I didn’t expect. You’d think I would want to stay away from the game after the anniversary event.

Sometimes it feels like the first minute of this video.

Long Reads

Famitsu had its Million Live Theater Days issue and uploaded many articles from it online. The WakachikoP interview is probably worth noting for continuing delay on the anime. Also check out the interviews from Yukiyo Fujii, Ayaka Suwa, Minami Takahashi, and Yumi Hara. Wait, we’re missing a Machico from DIAMOND JOKER? As a long timer these interviews were healing and some nuggets of historical importance (or unimportance) were nice to read (again or for the first time).

If you watched Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway, check out the Sakugabooru article on it. It’s quite detailed!

Hikaru Utada fan choice clips up till 8/15.

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