Omonomono Newsletter, July 28 Update

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Wednesday? Why not.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-07-28

I survived last weekend. Cheers to Aniparty for hosting a fun event and gave me an excuse to see some friends.

This Past Week

Final Evanglion film run ends at 6.69M tickets sold, nice. 10.22B JPY. I guess it’s going to continue but as small batch.

Speaking of Eva, IDOLM@STER 16th anniversary stream dropped a couple boppers. I covered them here.

Shiny Colors copies a bit too close.

Belle is doing well domestically, as expected.

Get well soon, Yoshiki Nakajima.

Hosoda talks about women in anime. I see no lie.

Touken Ranbu EN.

With the Olympics going on, we know about the opening ceremony stuff, but also this Google doddle.

How Do You Live novel to be translated, which is going to be the next Miyazaki film?

That anime Witcher on Netflix…

Listen to some Nobuo?

Eunyoung Chung on overwork.

Get well soon, MomoCloZ’s Ayaka Sasaki.

Enjoy some Kinmosa fluff travel pieces.

Otakon is going forward but will be streaming some on their own.

V-CRX have more guests. More guests.

Sentai’s online event also is now set.

SDCC at home featured an Amazon panel with Anno talking about Eva.

Ai Furihata’s funny music video?

Gundam are now literal holes.

What is this? Some Odd Taxi collab.

Nine million horse trainers.

I guess EN versions of Episode of Roselia are still streaming. Now with ep2.

I want to watch this but it is really not my kind of thing.

On the Mind

I blinked, and suddenly all this IM@S content is upon me soon. A new game in October, some crazy anime project with the 5 brands, revival stuff in Theater Days…DIAMOND JOKER is a banger and the full version does not disappoint. I guess I’m staying home this autumn.

New anime… I missed some entries last newsletter but I think I still need to survey a few more shows. And some are just coming out this week still, like Magireco S2.

Just trying to make that between that, Priconne EN+JP, MLTD, and Umamusume. I guess I’m playing Dyson Sphere Project lately and it’s quite fun.


I struck out mostly last weekend. Only saw the IM@S nama.

Kouhei Tanaka has a Sakura Taisen orchestra event … today. Or had, rather. Catch the timeshift?

Minori Chihara Summer Champion 2021 is soon, so they have a live stream before the concert in a couple weeks. There’s EN support for this show.

Shiina Natsukawa live stream!

Emi Nitta LINE live.

D4DJ Friday show with Kagami and Takagi, featuring kemu and DECO*27 themes

FGO fest is all week this week, and you can watch it in many different ways. So far all the shows are high quality and amusing, but Maaya is playing on Sunday though.

Saga orchestra streaming.

Mogra 10th Anniversary streaming.

Revue Starlight 3rd live is going on. Haven’t been tracking this much but it’s a thing.

Mai Fuchigami acoustic live.

Personal Note

Surviving Summer but feeling I want to have some time off too. I guess I can afford the time off, but how do I take them…

Stay safe errbody.

Long Reads

RIP Satoshi Kon, but this archived interview surfacing so long now is just…

Wedding Mousou marathon: Honoka Kuroki, Asaka, Mako Morino? Oretoku.

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