Omonomono Newsletter, September 3 Update

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There was a lot of rain a couple days ago.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-09-03

I really need a break, so I took a day off from work, and maybe catch up on blogging. Sometimes I think about how writing and reading the news that interest me actually energizes me, and it’s weird how the more tired I am the less time I have to do that, but it might help if I did more.

These Past Weeks

If you can’t be in an anime, maybe you can be in a live action film of an anime?

Hey. I wrote about this.

FUNi to show MHA film.

Pandas. Other Anohana stuff.

Umamusume on Twitter runs like “nige.”

I’m not sure what PONYCANYONSHOP wants to say here about Revue CDs.

Big News! ProSeka is going to get an EN release. It’s going to be called “Colorful Stage.”

KyoaniFes lineup is good.

Some analytics firm says anime is up by a lot. I mean, some facts are helpful here but the conclusion is a bit head-scratching. There’s also this WIRED writeup that is worth a read which follows from earlier in August.

In celeb gossip news, the latest out of this trainwreck from Tatsuhisa Suzuki and LiSA is this and OLDCODEX taking a break. They are also stepping out of the Kyoani thing I just mentioned lol.

New Muv-Luv … things.

00s classics on Youtube soon, thanks FUNi.

PUBG x Jujutsu Kaisen? Wow.

In COVID news–

Studio closures push things back.

CG Postpones a stop. But Anisama did go on and it seemed bangers despite more cancelled acts.

Get well soon WANIMA.

WF2021 Autumn.

Nonomura-san got better?

So did Shinichiro MIki.

RIP Masanari Nihei-san.

Get well soon Minami-chan…and I mean more than just COVID lol.

Get well soon Shizuki-san.

Chanrina coming back from the COVID IL.

On the Mind

Did you know this site translates MORA anisong top 10 rank every week? VOY@GER making 4th and DIAMOND JOKER takes 10, and repeat for C.FIRST first single, then Pascala Color.

TSUKIHIME is on this earth again and I can’t really touch it…just augh. It’s a precious, crystallized memory and I’m not sure if I want to touch a remake that has some huge differences from the original. I might if it gets ported since at this point I can’t be arsed to read that much Japanese lol.

Anime-wise, I think I’m kind of in a good place, or tiring place. The shows I’m following I more or less enjoy, but I’m not watching some kind of sublimeness this season–that meticulously paced and well-scripted nothing. What would it be? On one hand there’s Dragon Maid, which is fun but a bit too amped, frazzled in this latest season. Maybe it’ Sonny Boy but that show is just all over the place. Maybe I should try out more anime.

I have a blog post idea stuck in the back of my … throat? wrist? Whatever. Really just to break out these anime and how they engage me on different playing fields, for different effects. I wonder if normal American television programming offers that same width. It might also explain why I seek solace on Youtube from education/documentary streamers.

You know why I am so tired? Because I stayed up for horses and work, which means I get no sleep on the weekend, and I get no sleep during the week. Horses 3rd was great, I should make time to rewatch it…


For this weekend–

Shanghai Shizuoka-san!

Bang Dream 9th is this weekend. CG 10th tour Aichi would have been this weekend but there’s a live viewing of 1st instead.

Lapis Re:Light this weekend!

Aki Misato.

Yama no Susume event.

For next weekend–

Sakura Taisen 25th music fes. There’s an EN site.

JAM Project!

Nijigasaki Fan Meeting and Unit Live.

Memories Off 20th???

Shiina Natsukawa Pre-2nd Tokyo

Shiny Colors Summer Party 2019 stream.

Aimer in SSA.

Magia Day 2021 (on Youtube)

What is this...

Personal Note

I’m building a PC, or about to. The global supply shortages are no joke, everything takes forever to buy and ship. In fact I really should wait for sales coming up from this weekend onwards. Generally speaking hardware prices are best between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. I’m not in a hurry, but I have a 3080TI burning in my back pocket so I’d like to do these upgrades sooner rather than later. I last upgraded my video card in 2019 (along with my main monitor as the old one started to have failures). At the time I picked up something mid-range to replace my too-old 660, just something to keep me over until NVIDIA Ampere line. This was right around the time when video prices came down to earth, with the NVIDIA 16xx line putting some mainstream choices at affordable prices. (I ended up with a refurb 2070 by the way.) Little did I know you cannot just buy any video cards in 2020 and in 2021. You have to like, fight for one or something, whatever the digital equivalent of elbowing people inside a Micro Center checkout line on Black Friday or whatever.

It’s going to be the first major upgrade for the entire system–my case and PSU goes back to over a decade ago and they…are all working fine. The PSU can’t power a 3080TI so that has to go, and it might be time to upgrade the rest. I last updated the mainboard and CPU back when Intel I7-6700 was just about to get replaced by 7700, now I’m going to AMD AM4…well, it’s going to be a slow process as I wait for parts to come in, to clean up my current workspace to make room for another box, and eventually migrating everything over to the new system.

Anyways, the shortage is real.

Long Reads

The usual MLB write-up on Summer Koshien.

Not related, but this is so long that I don’t even wanna.

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