Omonomono Newsletter, February 28 Update

The Newsletter experiment stumbles into the second year. I guess I will continue because regurgitating these links into a single post is still worth it for myself. BTW, it’s only dated Feb. 28 because I couldn’t finish writing by midnight–you have the MLB lockout deadline to thank for that.

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2022-02-28

February came and went. It’s low-key a power month. The cycles are driven not by what’s new, but by what counts. Russia invades Ukraines–someone said something about war in Russia in the Winter or something somewhere, and now sneezed. But, there are other things like Kizuna AI moving on.

These Past Weeks

COVID-19 Omicon is still going strong in Japan, but maybe it has peaked in the past week or two.

Asaka Photobook?

Bandai Namco new division title is 765Production?

Sunrise name change, Bandai Namco shuffling. Other recollections.

Pompo cinema runs

Failed licensing company now has their licenses dropped on Bookwalker

Special 1st anniversary Umamusume anime.

Tokyo Anime Award Festival winners.

Tokyo New Mew Mew is Tokyo Mew Mew that I might watch.

There’s a stream to the FGO Babylonia film on CR. I should try to also catch the Camelot films… And there’s this if you’ve seen them.

Garupan final film series vol 2 streaming on HiDive now.

I actually want to watch the Jujutsu Kaisen film though. Season 2 on the way thoooo

Liver commits real crimes.

It’s already seiyuu awards time already. I guess with Anime Japan on the horizon, yeah.

Kamiyama does LOTR soon.

Aimi goes on hiatus from March for 2 months.

Manabu Ohashi passes. My condolences.

Saki Nitta passes. My condolences. Yikes.

I low-key dig Gekidol, so it’s kind of unexpected to see it getting a dub.

What kind of license is this, about time?

US manga sales was high in 2021. Sun rises from the east. Insider talk.

Yatogame Thanksgiving event write-up, new season incoming.

Nier anime wow.

And please, don’t bring back the yaoi paddles.

Personal Note

First, watch Mocho make and eat udon. And stack blocks. And maybe watch Nansu play Elden Ring.

Anime-wise, really enjoying Leadale for some reason. And it continues. Following the other stuff mentioned last time still. Slowly picking up some random episodes of Baki and Isekai Maou S2. A lot of great anime this season but none tickles me as much as Leadale. Maybe it’s because the slapstick comedy formula is being molded in this weird comfort-isekai thing that has basically no stakes. It is basically the story of some whimsical grandma at this point and somehow I find it really oddly enjoyable. It has no stakes, again, but I find myself looking forward to it every week. It is very odd in my estimate, because shows that do have stakes, like Bisco or Priconne S2, do not have the same draw.

On that note, this week’s Priconne anime (S2E8) is really sublime! Like, this is why I watch anime. When do we ever get stuff like this in western works? Not even rhetorical, like, I want to know, so I can check it out.

The actress for Haru Urara in Umamusume paid the namesake and legendary horse a visit on her birthday. This is a thing you can actually do if you make an appointment with the farm, by the way. Somehow it only took me till then to connect the dots that Yukina Shuto also plays Shizuku in Idoly Pride. I hardly watch the live streams for either series anymore, but I try to watch both…maybe I stopped following Uma so religiously by the time I started to follow Idoly Pride? It was weird.

The big hurrah this (past) month for me was Million 8th. I was looking forward to it all month long. It is a Million Live Valentine’s Day themed “numbered” live which is rare as it gets. It’s got almost all the cast and it was just so good. Jungo delighted me for sure, and trolled me at the same time. I have written about it in some details here. I wish I could have been there.

In terms of gaming, I actually spent a bunch of time in Outer Worlds via Xbox PC gamepass. I had subscribed to it on and off the past half year, thanks to various promotions. But outside of that, I might drop Priconne EN. Not sure how this will work. There is no easy exit, because the game is so easy to “Play My Way” and spend a minimal amount of time.

Upcoming Events

First, last couple weekends, some TS still available: Faky, Million Live. Also Pricone Fes! There’s this mocap live part about 2/3 the way in on day 2.

Teeing up in March, probably going to be highlight AnimeJapan for the end of the month, and maybe this little dose of hopium.

Yanagi Nagi tonight.

Aqours next weekend.

Umamusume 4th Tokyo next weekend too.

A little program hitting 10th anniversary.

Nao Toyama Birthday event 3/12.

D4DJ Merm4id 3/13.

SideM that weekend.

Kinoko-sensei and nano.ripe 3/18

3/19-20: Denonbu, Hololive, Music Rainbow 08(!!)

Luna Haruna FC event 3/21

Susumu Hirasawa 3/25-26

Machico Birthday event 3/25

3/26-27: Orbital Children,

Long Reads

Subbed 2.5D live drama (and some traditional dramas)

Lounsbery profile. American-born seiyuu making it.

Liyuu solo concert write-up.

Random interview for Ayachi.

Japan society talks academic about Japanese culture (anime) in pop culture.

MAL Expo Lite 2022 – two anime panels. LOGH Die Neue These and others.

A proper documentary BTS for Umamusume during their January events. Over 40 minutes! Free!

The Higurashi-inspired Million Live event now subbed.

J-LOD is a Japanese government program that provides funding for event organizations to put … some videos online in English? There are a lot of them since the pandemic. I have linked to a bunch in my newsletters. I’m just going to link some of the recent ones here.

i☆Ris 9th

Asaka 5th

Erii Yamazaki 5th

Dialogue+ Party

Dialgue+ Acoustic

Nanaka Suwa

Marika Kohno 1st

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