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Pimping for Haikasoru, Talking about Butt-Kicking Girls, Talking Trash on Moe

Japan loves their badass chicks. Kuudere or tsundere or just a pretty face with a good head on her shoulders, there are all types and it comes in all forms and shapes and sizes. Even if they tend to be small and yet larger than life. So I decide to spin this essay topic out […]

Otakon 2023: Wrap

What an Otakon was this year. I got some insider look at how the sausage was made this year, so at first I was a little apprehensive. But it turned out this year was actually better than the usual years because the seiyuu guests came through big time. There were actually 5 JP voice talents […]


There was a reason why I am really behind on my Haikasoru reading. Or at least one of them being Fate/Extra. It is also the first Japanese RPG-type game that I finished to some degree of completion since Valkyria Chronicles 1, which was a long time ago. Lamenting on lack of time and interests aside, […]

Mardock Scramble Is an Extended Metaphor about Eggs

I’m sure every worthwhile review will point out the eggy-ness of Mardock Scramble. If you can get over that and the casino talk, then this book is worth your time, all 770+ pages of it. It’s not immediately clear what the hell is Oeufcoque for this non-French-speaking person, but once you realize it is suppose […]

Organizational Management, Ouroboros Wave

Getting warmed up for MoshiDora fer reals dudes. I exchanged a couple words with 2DT a couple days ago over twitter, and he reminded me how despite Spice & Wolf is a sheep in wolf’s disguise in terms of hard-hitting econ concepts (ie., it’s kinda basic as far as econ concepts go), it forwards some […]