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What Did the Foreigner Say? (^q^)KUEOUEOU-EEOEUOO

A blog about a western take on Japanese anime-manga-game-nerd stuff is going to be a blog about explosive Japanese memes involving Sakura Tange voicing a virtual girlfriend-type character. Yeah?

Technically she says クロエ・ルメール or Chloe  Lemaire, but I can only shrug and laugh at the (^q^)くおえうえーーーるえうおおお going on.

Here’s Youtube’s embed, which has fewer hits than the Nicovideo one (that reached 1M view in 4 days).

Basically, this mobile game about virtual girlfriends is still in beta, in Japanese, and region locked, but some people has taken to it as per usual. There’s this Chloe character who is neigh incomprehensible because it’s Tange trying to speak like a French person, which is, well, I won’t assign a value judgment on something closer to a divide-by-zero than most other descriptors. The core meme is actually just one of the commercials uploaded for this game, as you see above. The new year campaign for the game decked these virtual GFs in traditional wear and is on TV. The meme took off fast, but I don’t know if it has legs. More over, as I’ve been looking at the meme towards the first days of its birth, the thing looks like what happens when you microwave a CD-R. Smoky, fractal-like in beauty, and a little fascinating.

Learn more about Chloe’s … situation here. Nico Nico Pedia’s entry is also not a bad start.