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All Hail The Queen of Upskirt Loli: Yuuma

Two-thousand and six was only a few days ago and I’m already regretting not making a bigger splash about Renkin 3-kyuu Magical Pokaan as something that everyone should watch.

The problem here is pretty simple. To illustrate it let’s go way back. As many of you may know, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu is possibly one of the most popular Kyoto Animation works ever. Forget about the SOS-Dan; this is really the show that made or broke the studio, and I think most of us would agree that this is a masterful comedy that is true to the source. Yet when people talk about the best anime ever they all just say the same old tired things, and no one would ever say Fumoffu as their favorite, or maybe even the top 3.

There’s just no respect for the sketch comedy format. Seriously. It is as if the average anime fan has no sense of humor or something.

Well…not that I want to test that thesis, but for real, Magical Pokaan is the kind of show that makes me want to laugh and proclaim that this is the best anime of the year…until I realize just how naughty this thing is, and quickly shut my mouth.

Indeed, Magical Pokaan mixes the most innocent cute fodder with the most sinister gutter thinking in a tense package of gothloli-loli and LOLOLOLOLOLy. It hurts to watch because some of its gags are just so funny, and it hurts to watch it because it’s so wrong. It treasures the archetypes and pandering, yet at the same time it uses idealism as a laser and asks, “Do you expect me to talk?”

Pachira then would hold up a sign that says “No Mister Bond, I expect you to GIVE ME BLOOD.”

Here’s one to the best gag anime that I’ve seen in recent years. Hopefully it will be well matched in 2007.

Go Goth

Gothic Lolita is a very specific thing. It is not to be confused with other “goth” things.

White Wolf Logo

Of vampires and mages and werewolves and mummies…and normal thugs, cops, mastermind; heroes, heroines, crusaders and normal Jane and Joe. White Wolf’s World of Darkness has long been the playground of geeks and teenage punks and college kids looking for some fun with friends.

What is interesting isn’t about the system itself, but how it tries very hard to make the mood and feel a central aspect to the game system. Sort of like how Apple Jacks tries first to taste a certain way before it tries to be nutritious and affordable? Not quite. The gothic depressive/angsty feel has long been something of a common experience, a motif, and dare I say, something alternative. It’s what drives people to write crappy teenage angst poetry and blog on and on and on on their myspace. Plus the music, can’t forget the music.

The ideological purée of all these things can be repackaged, reprocessed, and resold. Here is where gothloli comes in. And how White Wolf makes its meager living. And why alternative music and indie music are “in.”

It isn’t really a big deal, one could think. Not until you have to come into terms with what this repackaged thing really is. Imagine when your diet is mostly organic and natural, and then you try to eat a hot dog at your friend’s BBQ. It’s not quite the same as anything else you have had. It helps to be consciously ignorant of its content.

Which is to say, in the wild, you see cosplayers, you see angsty teenage poetry. You even know a few drama queens and people who wants to join Suicide Girls. That’s fine. What is messed up to see this repackaged essence, having to work with it, and come up with a fictitious character idea.

Vicariously living only goes so far.

But don’t take me wrong. I love hot dogs. I think tabletop RPG system theory is fascinating and very powerful as a perspective to look at social theory. Not to mention is a healthy exercise of modeling. I even think WoD is pretty interesting as a whole. What really bothers me is when I open the Vampire core book, for example, the way it looks. What it tries to do.

It’s almost like taking that beloved hot dog, and put it on a solitary tray, dress it up with cilantro and some Chef Ming’s Oriental Bistro Citrus Sauce that takes 2 hours to make by itself, and costs about as much as a 50-pack of Sabretts. What the hell? To put it in other words, I am talking about the chasm between a game, a concept about having fun, or tooling with some ideas; creative writing and fiction; and of course, roleplaying. All that doesn’t quite mesh with “not across the street but down the road“; the attitude, the emotion, the feeling and despair.

The chasm is visible because this entire package is manufactured. If it were to come naturally, it’d be ok. If it was subtle, it wouldn’t be so bothersome. But it’s trying too hard and failing the same. Sigh. Second-rated marketing.

Ah, yes, I am going somewhere related to anime. Magipoka.

Pachira Is Sailor Moon Ciel

Because, believe it or not, this show does a better job demonstrating that stereotypical purée better.

Pachira. Aiko. Liru. Uma. Don’t you think they fit right in within World of Darkness? Probably. Their cheery and make-believe setting is equally fantastical as the gritty underworld right out of, say, Blade 2. Both is full of dirty sex and violence; magic; and even death.

Obviously, if you’ve seen Magipoka at all you know that is just preposterous. It shouldn’t invoke any resemblence between the two worlds. But yet I can’t shake the feeling that something like WoD fundamentally is inspiration for Magipoka.

Of course, Pachira would have been torpor for a really long time. But.

Ai wa Bubble Bubble Trouble

Magipokan Surprise!

Love is trouble
Love is trouble
Priced like truffle
We are baffled
Makes me babble

Love is a bubble
A growing puzzle
Poetry, a riddle
or bloggable hassle
Almost predictable

Love is trouble
A harem debacle
Male leads fumble
the romance polygonal.
Totally serviceable

Love is bubble
Just like a bubble
Pops like a bubble
Realizations subtle
We all roffle (anyways)

Love is trouble
A big trouble
Vampires cackle
A Hamster troubled?

Love is bubble
All adorable
Loli? Certifiable!

Love is trouble
Love in a bubble
Expectation shatterable
Anime cliché-able
Call the blog constable!

Love is a bubble
Full of trouble
Ideals Romancible
All in a fable

Because, after all…

Love a riddle
A poetic riddle
Cryptic trouble
Magipokan babble
Totally blog-able

Love is Trouble
And Parodi-able
Like Love a Riddle
An aural miracle

Magical Pokan Fun of You And Me

Magical Pokan 1

I generally deplore fanservice. Only when it is done with a real reason and done smart, and tasteful enough will it be acceptable. I also don’t really like lolicon anime.

Magical Pokan has a lot of both. It has a really smart sense of style to it, and while my first reaction was “Why, this is totally what Disgaea anime should look like!” I realized this one scored home somewhere somehow. Indeed the humor and visual flourish are like that from the smash hit N1 game, but well, it’s not the game!

I am blogging about this show with a lot of things I don’t like because it’s a well-done show. I don’t think I’ll follow it until the gaggles on the bandwagon giggled enough to make me sufficiently curious. Well, if you dig either, then this is for you. The fanservice is fairly light and cute; it isn’t particularly gratuitous either. If anything, it’s smart fanservice.

Which is why I made it through the episode at all. And twice at that. I think I was amusing myself more when I was watching it detached, in the raw, while doing something else. Seemed more random that way. It’s really one gem underrated gem out of the slew of comedy this season. I think I have to thank God for making better shows to keep me away from this one as I’d get stuck with it if nothing else is good to watch in parallel…

New Season Checklist 2

Not quite yet over, but I gave in to the Cap.

Nordic != Bagpipes?

AMG TV2 knows what it’s doing. Same with Aria 2. The sequels generally score high and because they exist second-generation that’s probably indication enough. OTO…Wulong? Hack//ROOTS?

Eh. Well, the CG fest anime this season, Zegapain, scored well with me; I probably still won’t follow it, but I dig its high school romance aspect. The combat was very well-done, too. Especially if they can get it all on HD. Simoun, OTOH, was better called “Lez Exile” in its similarity to Last Exile but the whole airship/feudal warring states concept wrapped around a very strange weird girl-girl relational triangle, tied with equally impressive mishaps when the balance breaks. Pass.

The rest of the average grind mill seems barely worth mentioning, even if it has its gems in the rough. Ray had a great pilot but it’s a BlackJack spinoff, so I don’t know. Inukami is probably worth checking out if you can handle the zany UY-ness. Airgear is pretty but the manga hits the spot way better. Seeing the skating in action helps, along with the right dose of fanservice…but it’s going to tank as a matter of time.

Witchblade seems to take root between something like Guyver and Blood+, so that’s probably doing exactly what it’s trying to do (the Mamiko helped). Magipoka, for me, was the surprise hit. Loli comedy, if such a thing can be called, is usually hit or miss. Definitely superior if you’re looking for that in terms of Girl’s High, or the disappointing Disgaea animation. A more curious comedy, in the form of Ouran High School Host Club, is probably worth checking out for its Utena-esqe character constructs. It’s totally not-serious shoujo anime done with a self-parodic bent, so guys can probably enjoy it as a mockery of shoujo generical norms. Shoujo as aberration in anime continues to be a rule of thumb with Nana, too. Not a piece for Noitamina, this Nana bosts way more production value than ParaKiss, if that’s even the right piece to compare to.

I’ll probably update next with PriPri, Spider Rider, Gargole Family, and the rest of the lot. Otanoshimini~