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Tenth And Beyond

One of these days I’ll have to pin that eventer post again.

The truth is work and 10th prep have killed most of my free time since ANorth. I was able to catch up on some anime still this past weekend, by not going to AX, but AX sounded like it was pretty cool. Only one thing there (that I currently know, anyway) that kind of killed me for missing out was seeing A1 Pictures give away a Goripon Miki sketch and Akai-san’s Asterisks sketch to the random masses. I hope those two found good homes.

I am still going to Otakon. I think of it as winding down by killing myself some more, but I probably will take it easy there. Between now and then remains furious preparation, performing the miracle of packing everything in one not-too-big luggage, coordination of many parties and some live concerts and whatever that I do in Japan. Hopefully not all that much.

I did watch some of the new stuff this season, but let me just put to rest the things I finished:

Fate UBW was pretty okay. It did what I thought it did, which is unable to wrap around the tension of the last two main encounters together in a nice set piece sort of thing, as the UBW movie showed us how it can be done. What made it better was the epilogue. How can we not forgive it after that?

Euphonium – I wish I was at AX. Also Moyochi was great. The best episodes was 11 and 12. Yurigoggle types shed delicious tear which was an unexpected bonus.

Danmachi – This is what anime is for a lot of us. And this one was pretty good.

Etotama – This is what cartoon is for a lot of us. And this one is pretty good. It also is the first anime that I honestly thought the 3D parts were sometimes even more preferred than the 2D. It’s just done better. Rieshon and all the newbie Ponycan seiyuu were bonus. Also, I wish I was at AX. Hanabe looked like she could’ve used more support.

Oreguile 2 – S1 was better.

Triage X – Fun show but I am glad it’s over. Can’t take too much of this.

Plastic Memories – Solid and I like how this anime is not really about robots.

Punch Line – Probably my favorite of the season. It is like making chawamushi or baking a flan, like everything goes in there right but it doesn’t always come out right. Close but no cigar for Punch Line.

I’m still mawing away at Kekkai Sensen, Ninja Slayer and a couple other shows I haven’t decided to drop. Picking up Shoukugeki no Soma is good for health methinks, but the last episode rubbed me the wrong way: if they think a soufflé omelette is a limited timed good, then they have never had good eggs benedict. By all means the shelf life of those things are way shorter than how fast bubbles collapse when fluffy eggs get soggy. IMO they screwed up the science here…

Seems like I’m topping out at 10 shows a season huh. Can I fit enough on my iPad for the round trip to Tokyo to catch up? I think so. Just need to delete some namas and lives on it.


As the merchandising for the possibly largest IM@S event approaches its fervent peak, we got to see a lot of cool new illustrations put out on top of things to sell. But the best one had to be this tokuten for Nishigori’s new artbook.


And it’s not just official merchandise. Fans are putting together their tribute. For SSA last year I spent just a meager one hundred American dollars on commissioned artwork. This year I’m about to spend three times that in just American alone, plus about another two and a half 万 to get some semi-pros to do art for flowers. And that’s just me. Which is to say there should be a lot of cool artwork from fans for this special occasion.

[And that pales to the amount we’re spending on the actual flowers themselves. And just the ones I’m organizing (not all of HPT). It adds up to a lot. A LOT. And I’m glad 10th is not going to happen again. So going to not YOLO next year.]

Season Ending Meandering

Here are some thoughts swimming in my head.

Strange Juice

Dandelion fetish

Lately I’ve been paying attention to the local greens on my way home from work, because it’s finally not dark when I do–a testament of summer in North America if there was one–and wondered just what it would take to make the dandelion tick as a pop cultural commodity worth a child’s fancy. I think the home improvement culture in the US pretty much put them out as one of the top public enemies come Spring time. Romantic stories about vagrants that bloom and gets blown around in the wind probably won’t get a lot of love as an analogy to this common weed. Rather than picking one up and blowing it, I think most parents would rather hand their kids one of these. Sorry Popotan.

Punch Line or  Terror in Resonance

Which of these two are bigger disappointments? Are they even equally bad? I think they actually are equally bad. Or good, depending on how you look at it. As animation I enjoyed Punch Line a lot more, where as Terror had the better soundtrack and hipster magnetism. Why would I compare the two? Because both are the same kind of story actually. I thought the way Punch Line worked was, at the very least, creative. Would Steins;Gate anime be just as bad if it was only half as long?

Also, while the above is kind of a spoiler to Punch Line, I struggled the longest to figure out what show it could be compared to. It’s probably best to watch Punch Line without much of a preconception anyway.


I’m basically skipping AX for 10th and mental sanity. AX->10th->Otakon in back to back weekends in a sense is the perfect arrangement for 10th because I can still hit all three, but I’m going to die trying. So there is no try, just do not. Somehow this year the amount of work it takes to coordinate the event stuff is also monstrous so I’ll be busy this and next weekend anyway. It felt like I am pretty much orientating my 2015 eventing around it. But am I really that dedicated to IM@S 10th? It’s one of the weird cases where I may say yes.

It’s probably worth noting that Otakon this year is kind of “subpar” to AX. As much as I hate it, AX is still having some top guests. I want to go rep Hanabe and Moyochi. Go hear Takahashi Yoko. See the UBW event. Rock to MomoClo (and KISS?). Aren’t these still the most important things that a con can offer? The pain points of AX are just consequences of these things. At some point you have to wonder even if a con is run very well, what’s the point when it has no real headliner? Maybe those who still go to such a con are really dedicated. Maybe they’re just going for going’s sake. Yes, Paku Romi is a great get and Otakon will remain special for doing that, along with the usual JP guys who rep a solid event that I like. I’m just complaining that it’s a little anti-climatic.