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Touka Gettan Episode 21

Wow, WTB moar Notokawaiiyonoto.


The name of the colors are lovely.

So is the simple b&w trick. Actually all of Touka Gettan has very good color, and it conveys this sense of an exorbitant fantasy to the atmosphere of the show.

Thanks to tenacious fansubbers with a love for the strange, Touka Gettan has been fully subbed for some time. However its backwards (literally) narrative and a fancy towards the silly makes Touka Gettan a difficult watch. It’s especially difficult to take seriously when you have such straightforward characters mixed with an otherworldly sense of humor.

But at the same time, enjoying Touka Gettan is possible if you abandon some of the more traditional limits to viewing anime. There’s no reason why you can’t skip around and just watch the episodes you like. There’s no reason why you can’t fast-forward through the episodes focused on the overall plot, and take your time and refresh yourself with older episodes. There’s also no reason why you can’t just watch episode 21 over and over again. And there’s no reason why you should watch all of it. Its narrative confining the backward story makes it possible to enjoy many of the episodes stand-alone once the viewer obtains some introductory knowledge about Touka Gettan’s world.

And as a novelty, Touka Gettan episode 21 is penned by the voice actress Mamiko Noto. Episodes 13 (lol onsen episode) and 11 are penned by voice actress Maria Yamamoto. Episode 18 (lol beach episode) is penned by also voice actress Ai Shimizu. Plus, some of the episodes in the series are basically Yamibou cameos. What surprised me was when finding out which episode exactly Noto wrote only after watching it. Needless to say the fans who found this gem generally praised it.

I guess it’s episodes like these that makes Touka Gettan so good. And it’s probably why I’ll continue to watch it even now, albeit with a slow and premeditated pace, at a random order. To Touka Gettan’s credit, most of the episodes I watched commanded my attention to some extent, so I think any order is a good order.

The Balanced Diet – Sorely Lacking In Kisses

No, this has nothing to do with the blog by a similar name.

Chairwoman Mao Yoshino

But the idea behind this rant is the same: there are different stories out there; as a genre or a medium, anime offers some variety of themes and stories. Even more importantly, anime offers a wide varieties of storytelling.

Moyashimon is an inspiration of sorts for this post: The Eskimos cuisine, kiviak, was the center of a joke when Dr. Moleman came out and sucked the juices of dead birds, straight from a dead seal. The show went on and explained that as Eskimo cuisine started to use cooked meat instead of raw meat, the Eskimo then used fermented seabird juices to supplement their vitamin-lacking diet as heating the meat broke down some of the essential vitamins within the food. Indeed, it was not like taking a multivitamin pill in the morning as you rush off to school or work.

Point: all people enjoy a wide variety of stories, but delivered in a format that works for them.

A fine example of this is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. To be honest the story behind it is pretty uninteresting once you know what it is, but because it’s packaged in a fairly fresh, layered and intriguing way, with a lot of superimposed and juxtaposing moe and gore, it works. Indeed, compared to shows like Shigurui, Higurashi is almost like an episode of Dragon Ball Z.

But I am not saying DBZ is bad. It is good, at times. It’s like while delicious steak is delicious, you probably don’t want to have that for breakfast everyday. It’s okay to learn about life through a kid’s dialog with a ghost while playing go. It just won’t have the same effect of learning about life through a kid’s dialog with her friends while planning a school festival. Or a kid’s dialog with his friends while riding on a giant robot. Or a kid’s dialog with her friends while riding on a dog. We need all of them, at different times in our lives, for different people.

The bigger framework here is simple: there are stories, and there are different ways to tell it. A character-driven monologue-heavy narrative will have different effects than a crew-gathering boss-fighting mecha show. Both kind of shows will draw different crowds even if the underlying story and theme is pretty much the same, with characters running on the same set of outlook and perspective, in drastically different situations

Problem: Perhaps you are like myself and watch a lot of new anime. If you follow what’s new and fresh from Japan’s airwaves then you are prone to not having a balanced anime diet. We are at the mercy of whatever delicious morsel of cartoons fansubbers, anime studios, and your preferred means of obtaining these shows, to deliver what captures your attention. Instead, we should also seek to watch some other shows to balance out of what you have seen the near past. Variety is a cure in of itself, let alone enabling a more balanced view of anime both as a hobby and as a medium. If all you watch is tentacle porn, I guess that’s fine too but that might be a bit Eskimo-esque, and you might want to look into something odd to keep your perspective fresh. Same can be said of people who watch mostly action anime, or mecha anime, or shoujo, or romance, or generally not getting a good grip of what it is like out there, what anime generally can offer to its viewers. A balanced diet is recommended, even if it’s in the form of a weird alternative. What’s key is with the right delivery. For example, Touka Gettan on DVD… or Colorful?

I jest.

Actually, I think I just wrote this up because I just can’t quite fathom my obsession with Mao and Kimikiss anime. After giving the weird impulse I had some thought, I think, besides the “hot for <insert chara name here>” factor, I have this deep craving for a good shounen/seinen pure romance story. I know there was a “Shizuka” thing a year ago, but that was no where near as … moe. The delivery didn’t work for me. I suppose the Ah My Goddess TV series counted too, but those are more like “old” stories rehashed. Shows like H&C and Nodame were great, but they’re incomplete substitutes as josei manga adopted. In other words, there’s just a lack in this category of anime in recent years. A bishoujo game adaptation just doesn’t work like that unless it’s rewritten alike to Kimikiss Pure Rouge.

School Days -> Tsuyokiss, Singers and Singing, And Other Seasonal Checklistings

End your pilot episode with a strong kiss…

Needless to say I really dig School Days the anime so far. Also needless to say it’s way better than all of Tsuyokiss put together at episode 1. (Still want a collection of all its eyecatches…) I think I’m enjoying it even more so because I’ve already seen what the game had to offer, at least for a tiny fraction of it (namely the introduction part (where episode 1 of the anime covered) and some of the LOL endings). I have hopes for this show now, even if the delivery came off a bit like a shaggy old man who may had the charms when he was a mere … 29 years ago. That alone will probably alienate any good will for the greater anime viewing demographic in this post-Haruhi generation of TV animation. Well, that’s to keep (mostly) silent about how to adopt this tricky animated visual novel.

But while I was singing my heart out in my car to (some of) these tunes sometime this week, It only dawned on my then that Summer is con season, and con season means karaoke season. And because this year, unlike of my prior few summers, I haven’t been to a con yet. I am so ill prepared…

And that’s just one MORE party I’m late to. At least this party should be on DVD…? I so have to hit up Animelo one year. We can all scream our hearts…and lungs and intestines out in public.

Sigh. I have a lot on my plate between now and end of this month, so don’t expect a lot of entries from me. I will be at Otakon, though, and more of that nonsense will come…

As well with that music video. It’s still on the plate just…no room to do anything with it or to it.

I’ll end this strange mid-week rant with a couple questions:

1. What should I karaoke at Otakon? I really want to do SKILL at Otakon (again), but that require at least 2-3 people, but ideally 6. (Are you interested? Let me know!) On the plate are all my old songs that I’ve done at various cons before, but I want to hit up a new one. The problem here is that all the new songs I want to sing I can’t really do–I still want to do Break the Cocoon but I’m lacking an off-vocal track nor the English part of the lyrics near the end. I sort of want to do Gravitation but Angela is…not an act I should follow. I can always do God Knows again, but I rather like the Momoi’s cover more in terms of arrangement and how it has very little breaks in the middle…except that we’ll have to rip the voice out.

2. Questions for Mamiko Noto? I’ve said it before, if you want to have fun at a con panel, think up questions ahead of time. I’m probably going to ask at least one question about Touka Gettan, but that’s just the beginning. I’ll take your suggestions! Help me get my brain juices going.

Order Made

I know by now a lot of you have watched Touka Gettan 5.

A moment of tenderness...mmmm

Who am I kidding? It’s like the most confusing anime since … Utena? No, this is way more confusing than Utena. Maybe Boogiepop Phantom? But not even that; not everyone looks like eroge superstars with hair that only look good when your robe is half-fallen open (revealing some lacy underpants, if any), sprawling on your bedding, sick with spring fever? Er, I mean too many characters look alike with the hair, hair coloring, and face.

But it’s not just the purposeful confusion or the iroppoi (not eroppoi?) slew of half-possessed, across space and time menagerie of a cast that keeps me watching Touka Gettan. It’s things like that Japanese-style stall/fast food made-to-order store in episode 5. It’s not unlike how you’d buy a woman’s summer outfit:

1) browse in the store

2) pick it out and try it on (complete with “dressing room”)

3) ask the store to modify it, tailoring to your desires. While you wait.

Momoka’s penchant for Nori-ben (and other foods) may be why she’s so attractive, for me. Or is Saori Hayami outdoing Mamiko in a Mamiko role? I foresee a bright future for this … voice actress that I didn’t find any information about in a short time. It’s sort of refreshing to hear a “soft tsun” voice when rest of the show’s cast is doing “come have hot sexxorz” voice, “squeaky kohai” voice, “lol woman playing a boy” voice, or in episode 4 and 5, the Kefka laugh. Guh.

Better cut this post short before I get distracted by all that pr0n.

Sexy Confusion

I think Touka Gettan wins for this season’s most thought provoking anime for me.

The Melody

Reeling from the shocking brutality of Bokurano, I think I’ll stick with joking incestuous references and gender-bending dimensional stone swords and frilly girl-on-girl action if I wanted to be confused and disturbed at the same time.

Episode 3 had an impact on me. I think partly because how it reminds me of Melody of Oblivion at some of the key scenes; partly the musical score reminded me some of the best stuff that came out of the entire YamiBou thing (namely this somewhat-indie album released in 2002 for the game). It really captures both the oddish feeling you get when you’re just totally lost in a self-sustained universe where our familiar rules don’t apply, and something grand is happening and you just don’t know what it is?

But really, let’s talk about spreading body fluids with people you shouldn’t spread body fluids with. In some ways tackling social taboos are one simple ways to get some sort of message across. In Utena and Melody, it’s pretty clear. Yamibou had the same element but it wasn’t really a driving force. In some ways the anime unfolded in a much more…sane way that the message made sense rather quickly as the story unfolded.

Not so with Touka Gettan. And it’s exciting to see all that ground work already. Too bad it’s way confusing without giving us the focus at the same time.

And is it me or Momoka is like…Mamiko but isn’t?