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Umamusume Observations: April 2021

Just jotting down some thoughts about the game. Take it as you will. A hint of a spoiler for S2 of the anime down there but it’s not much of one.

Also this is one of those annoying articles with an image. in. between. every. paragraph.

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Umamusume: The Finer Points

The theme song “GIRLS’ LEGEND U” from the game Umamusme Pretty Derby starts with this phrase: やっとみんな会えたね! It translates loosely to “We finally get to see everyone.” Mixed into that is the marching horns and battle cries of the cast in an anthem. It is the banner theme song of the core product in a media-mix property years in the making–partly due to a multi-year delay between the initial release date and the actual release date. It’s really cute that the song tips the hat to the delay. In fact, in a way this song tips a hat to the strange journey of the video game from conception to coming out on our phones, tablets and PCs: Don’t stop until you finish.

But we can farm a lot more out of GIRLS’ LEGEND U than all that. Much more. Woven into the instrumentals are these thematic strings that you can also get a good glimpse in the bridge, as well as different parts of the game as background music. Having the theme song of a thing synchronize musically with the other background pieces of the thing isn’t unusual–it’s rather expected, especially in video games. But also the song itself tells us more up front–really, what I want to write about isn’t the song, but horses.

Umamusme is about horses…girls, of course, but it’s really about horses. Specifically, the legends of horses IRT to horse racing. I would call Umamusme a game about HORSE GIRLS’ LEGEND but the titular song is, instead of HORSE it’s… U for Uma? Umapyoi Densetsu (うまぴょい伝説) is the first theme song for the franchise from 2016 and the title really says more or less the same thing, just more horse than girl.

On paper, the conceit of these alternative character-based franchises (ships, guns, katanas, cities, appliances, etc.) are as database as it gets. You put these things (and animals in our case) in the otaku database machine and create a character story out of it. Bundle a bunch of these and tie it together with a setting and a few themes, and out comes a media franchise.

In that sense, Umamusume is no different. But the big difference that I can see between Umamusume and the garden variety ones out and about, is that Umamusume has been imbued, at least from what I can tell, a spirit that is horse-like. Horses are large, majestic, temperamental and sensitive land mammals. Horses are social, in that they exhibit social behaviors such as pact mentality, dominance, individuality, competitiveness, and others (such as being able to be domesticated). They play and court. It’s easy to translate a particular natural aspect of horses into anime characters, and I see that being a very strong underlying pattern in the Umamusme franchise.

It’s easy to see this in the characterizations of all the horsegirls. It also helps that the “good girl” trope resonate well with the audience–our racing horses all are good horses (and presumably their rights owners wouldn’t allow otherwise). I mean there are so many of them (even just in Japan alone) and the ones that people commemorate enough to put in a video game are already legends themselves. Of course they are good girls. Even if you run into problems like making El Condor Pasa into a she… Doesn’t that break grammar LOL.

Contrast this with, say, things that are based on WWII heroes or weapons of destruction. How do you channel “the military” except only superficially? You can do a lot more when you’re channeling legends about racing horses, it turns out, maybe because it’s not problematic.

And I think this is where Cygames really flexed their muscles. You can directly take what is lovely and endearing about these horses and put them right in the game, down to the way their tails wag or the way their ears twitch. It’s beyond the whole sexual aspect of furry appeal–we are talking about making fiction where you combine the best of what racing horses have to offer with typical otaku tropes. (And including the sex appeal as appropriate, as it never was gone, just not in the fore.)

This to me comes across like all the strings in the instruments throughout the game BGM. Cygames was tasked to make Umamusume a game that conservative Japanese businessmen would gladly sign over their legendary horse brands over to, so I think a certain level of restraint was needed throughout the entire Umamusume experience. The characters (and the cast, FWIW) are still going to do the same rigmarole, the same toe taps and dance routines. Tracen Academy is extremely generic but it does adhere to a classy all-girls school vibe. Symboli Rudolf and Meijiro McQueen can walk down the school yard gracefully, while Vtuber Gold Ship can jump kick the trainer while it happens.

That is the framework that allows things to happen, but what endears us is the individual stories themselves, and how it’s executed. For me, the game taught me the one behind Rice Shower, who was put down during her final race due to injury. It’s sad, sure, but the story in the anime and game makes it a lot more approachable due to the execution and details. The most famous of them all–Haru Urara–only got as popular as she did because of marketing/promotion and production, after all. In a way, Umamusume is the same pitch, but for a lot more horses besides Haru Urara. When these horsegirls channel their named legends, it’s where the magic happens. Even if it’s extremely normal/boring like Special Week, it is still endearing that our mother-loving, Hokkaido born glutton became one of Japan’s best.

Which is all to say, GIRLS’ LEGEND U is a great piece of music, and you can tell by hearing someone playing it on the piano. This is some great composition fit for a sweeping orchestra. Instead we have a bunch of seiyuu grunting calls about winning races. No matter how you cloak it, a good story will shine through–and that’s what Umamusume really is about, putting into character-stories of racing horses, their lives, and their struggles.

PS. There are other finer points to Umamsume Pretty Derby. So far it has largely inherited many of the QOL stuff that I love about Princess Connect! Re:Dive. It being a raising game doesn’t quite translate into how not to make it into the same kind of “menu hell” that JRPGs can be, but I see some small glimpses of hope here as is. It is also kind of time consuming given each raising run takes a good half hour, at least. There are many little touches in the game and in the IP generally that I wish I can highlight but it will make several post at least. Anyways, I’ll end with this video.

Omonomono Newsletter, Mar. 9 Update

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-03-09

This Past Week

Haruka Terui got married! She married not an ippanjin, but a professional go player. Parnyasu is a seiyuu in some notable works like Yukiyuna and Momoka from CG, and visited Sakuracon that year that I couldn’t go (like most years). Personally I follow her mostly through SS Channel twitter… But it does make sense that she married a go player.

AX is online again. I don’t keep tabs of all the cancel/postponements here, but it’s worth noting the online ones at least, which I will in the Events section. AX is a big industry event however, so I guess people will continue what they did last year on that end.

Megumi Hayashibara is back on Shaman King remake? Trailer here.

Vtuber Mori’s collab with Priconne is actually pretty okay, once you get beyond the cringe. It is an oddity for sure–officially collaborating with the publisher to create new content based on the product which is owned by the developer who has basically no hands in it? I don’t know, but it can certainly be worse.

This fhana pic

Wake Up Girls 2-year disbandment anniversary!

The Seiyuu awards 2020 happened. I think Kokochan winning the influencers reward is the one we all can agree on. Kotori Koiwai has been on a tear on social media during COVID times and shilling a lot of stuff, working that influencer biz. Her home studio also lets her produce things that otherwise would take a third party, making doing business under COVID protocols easier. Anyways, cheers to Kokochan, Reina and other winners!

On the Mind

Normally this would be a blog post riffing on Evirus, but winter camping is considered self harm for some people! I’m so glad they did the episode about sudden dropping temperatures and that can kill people. Maybe better to leave it as a footnote here.

I wrote another primer on the Umamusume game. Maybe intro level enough when paired with the other helper sites and tools. Then, I wrote a raising guide.


Kurocon replay is this Saturday. Also, remember to change your clock for daylight savings, Americans. The rest of these brought to you by Boglecord. Hint: Sunday is packed.

Wataru Hatano live this weekend on Saturday..

Daoko show on Saturday, which supports overseas with some EN instructions.

Restream of Roselia x RAS from last month this weekend–I hear it was good? This one can be timeshifted until 3/30.

Happy Around on Sunday.

Archive stream of Macross Delta live from January.

Ikimonogatari anniversary stream concert on Sunday.

LiSA acoustic online live restreamed Sunday.

Anisama Nights II stream, which is something from last year. They haven’t really ever shown these Anisama Nights event before by my recollection so it’s actually very curious.

Ueda Reina’s postponed event from last Summer is schedule for Sunday with a live stream.

Personal Note

It’s horses all day and Priconne JP and EN in the gaps. Not a lot other than trying to find time to catch up on snooze, some piled up work, and thinking I should clean my place and very, very slowly getting to it.

During the quarantine months I cooked a lot more–to be sure, I normally cook my own food. But thanks to not going anywhere I ended up cooking the things I was craving for due to inability of travel. Turns out most of the time I just want to eat tebasaki in japan. I suppose a lot of the things I can half-ass get here. Kit ramens go a long way if you get the right ones. I can get sushi grade fish and cut them on my own. Other noodles dishes aren’t too hard to make either. Karaage isn’t hard, just a bit annoying to deal with the oil. I even made hitsumabushi once but lacking a lot of the picked vegetables didn’t help.

Long Reads

Umamusume is a big deal in my head, but it is even bigger in other people’s. Read this article (in JP) if you can.

It’s been sitting on my list of to-watch for 2+ weeks, but Gen Hoshino talks about his subcultural past in Nakamura and Kajita’s YouTube show. And pt2. He is a man of culture is all I can say. Also Wasyagana is a good show too, even if I don’t really watch it.

Umamusume, the Game

Umamusume Pretty Derby is a media-mix franchise that has a series of character songs, two anime series (more like seasons 1 and 2), and now a F2P mobile game. Turns out, the game is really great. [The official EN name going by CR is Umamusume, without the space.]

I will just focus on the game and not the meta nor the nitty gritty. Well, I can link to the nitty gritty. Reddit and the Reddit-attached discord server are two places anyone can start (especially in English). It’s not clear which JP game site is the go-to, but the usual suspects are posting about it. There is a lot to the game that is still not yet unearthed, some parts of it we don’t know how it works, etc. Anyways.

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Omonomono Newsletter

While I’m sitting home, working from home, and eventing from home under this COVID-19 scheme of things, the world keeps on ticking. Just because life may have paused somewhat for me, the world has not. Which is just to say, I feel like this blog could use a change.

I thought about doing a newsletter type format thing for this blog for a while now, and maybe that makes more sense. Of course, to make a proper email newsletter, it’s a different type of syndication. I will probably still post the letters on this site for posterity sake. It is going to have a similar voice.

Nonetheless a newsletter format of journaling seems a bit more appropriate for the things I’m thinking about. It takes a lot of time to germinate ideas worth the while for public posting, and then survive the iterative review I do. It’s not like my unpublished draft count is going down… Only a portion of what I write is gets published in the end, no matter how stream-of-conscious the rambling gets. I don’t have a formal clipboard process but that might change as a result?

In short, below is an example from this week. I’m not committed to a set schedule, but I’ll aim for a weekly schedule. I’ll post them in the emails at least, and probably on the blog too, as I go. You can subscribe to it by entering your email below. At some point those emails will go out, when I figure out how this works anyways. Meanwhile I’ll post them on the site for now.

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