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Eromanga Sensei

Eromanga Sensei anime is the Gamera of late night anime, in the Roger Ebert sense. Speaking as someone who saw Air Force One but not much in terms of giant city-wrecking turtle movies, I’m on shaky grounds to appraise either. Eromanga Sensei is in my wheelhouse, though. A little bit of spoilers ahead. Also some Oreimo spoilers ahead, too.

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Anime Expo 2017 Prep

Somehow I got roped into pressing at AX again, despite paying for Premiere… Should’ve said no but welp.

Just a page of links and what I know that can be shared. This year I have not had as much time collecting info, but here goes.

Sentai Filmworks here. Not much to note.

Mangagamer has some stuff. Probably nice for the usual commission hunters.

FUNi – If you care about FMP take note here.

Atlus has a food truck tie-in

Fakku – MEME50 huh.

Sekai Project – Bring seiyuu already lol.


Kadokawa has a PR without much details but I guess check FB later?

GSC, in case you hate money. Not too terrible this year.

Visual Arts LOL

Bookwalker – Danmachi author…

Oh yeah, there’s also Bushiroad Grand Festival (US ver). Mini stage schedule. Main stage schedule. Based on what I know you go early to line up to go in and buy stuff to get tickets for autograph or other things. Basically try to budget an hour to travel between events, traffic willing.

Crunchyroll is probably holding back because they are throwing their own party in Norcal later this year.

Key things to note about the two AWM shows, Japan Kawaii Live and Japan Super Live.

  • People will be distributing call books. Check my twitter for location.
  • Make time to pick up your tickets from AX Will Call booth near LACC south hall entrance. There’s a 4 hour minimum pickup time before your first show. This means if the show is at 7pm then you need to pick it up by 3pm. That’s tight on 6/30 to say the least. If you need to, AX offers ability to pick up tickets at the venue directly by emailing them. That said you can pick them up on 6/29, and starting 8am on 6/30.
  • The gist here is AX wants to enforce badge and ticket check at will call. It sucks because the sensible thing to do is have MS Theater staff check instead, but welp. Considering that JKL is well-sold it means a lot of people will have to deal with 6/30 problems on 6/30. I’m leaving my tickets with my name for the time being, can always change the names on your ticket later.

AX Autograph rules here.

On 6/30 and 7/1, I believe AWM will have goods sales at the Microsoft Theater. Better check the day of.

Sweet Soul Sister

It’s a bit of “lore” but just want to put it out there rather than let it languish in my draft folder. It’s nothing special, really, but also a little neat. Basically, ZAQ is good.

For those who don’t know, ZAQ is a musician who is signed with Lantis. She herself has a solo musician career as a singer-songwriter type. But that’s an inadequate description of the kind of stuff she actually does. For starters, she writes a lot of songs for other Lantis projects, and that includes fellow musicians and anime projects that come attached. Her first big hit is also her debut single, Sparkling Daydream, the opening to Chuu2koi, and in that show she wrote the opening and ending, but only performed the opening as a song in her solo library. The seiyuu unit from the anime made up the vocals for the ending single. This is kind of the pattern for a lot of her work. It works particularly well for her, as someone who is multi-genre and covers classical to rock to ska to even hip-hop, which gives her a lot of options to work on anime-wise.

Over the past few years this has added up to that maybe half of the songs ZAQ worked on are actually hers, but due to the way anisong world works she ends up performing a lot of them during her solo live events anyway. To me, based on a handful of Lantis acts that I’ve seen in person outside of their concerts, it’s almost more like, Lantis artists tend to be music nerds who are also kind of otaku, and I feel ZAQ embodies this idea well. Granted she isn’t really an otaku…sort of. It’s just that she carries herself across this mix of nerd and music in a way that makes you think, huh, yeah, maybe…

Anyways, here’s the thing. Lantis runs Million Live’s music. ZAQ writes for Lantis projects. ZAQ has written a few songs for Million Live (here). Out of all 7 or so of them, though I want to call out one: Sweet Sweet Soul, a song that was released earlier this year. The details of the thing is right here, in ZAQ’s own words on her own blog.

Soul’d Out, basically, are the people who wrote Sweet Sweet Soul. They were a mainstream hip-hop group in Japan back in the 00s, and it was the group that got ZAQ into hip-hop music. I guess she’s only 29 this year, so that means when Soul’d Out’s biggest hit (Yakitate Japan ending) in 2005 she’s 17? Anyways, she was pretty excited to write the lyrics about our three young idols and give their take on hip-hop, but I think it’s more exciting for me to see how Soul’d Out left their mark in ZAQ’s musical DNA.

PS. I actually can elaborate on this post a bit. She did a lot of research on IM@S when she wrote the lyrics to Rebellion. I think there’s the general awareness of the care needed to handle the franchise, and she said something to the extent that I know this is probably not very Hibiki-like, it’s pretty cool so I went with it. And there is our red of truth or something.

Eventing 2017

[Last year’s event log here. Last update June 20]

This is a blog post that will keep track of the nerd events I’m attending in 2017. It will be updated over time to add/delete and update the status of the events I plan to attend or have attended. If you’re going to one of these, feel free to let me know ahead of time.

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Re: AX’s Flower Stands & Call Books

These thoughts are related to the ongoing production of some fan projects for this year’s Anime Expo. It is more akin to long-ass-subtweet level of snark but at the same time I try to offer at least a more honest look at what practically, on some level, introspection would at least bring you. These blurbs do refer to some ongoing things that some of you might not be aware of, and some of the things I say may not make a lot of sense if you don’t know what I’m referring to. But I guess that’s just par for the course right? Lastly, think of the below 2 entries as two parts in a long series of why we can’t have nice things.

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