Gospel and Flow – Singing Waters, 2006

Donna and Steve are dear friends to many at my church. The two of them, their families, and several others make up what makes Singing Water Ministries so wonderful. Well, their relationships; with us, each other, and with Jesus.

Personally I know Steve better, even if I never really sat down and got to know him; just through what he preaches and friends that I do know who knows him, it makes some good memories. What doctrine that does get through sounds sound enough. Stepping into a place with God where you surrender your control? Reminds me of Pastor Randy’s preaching from down south.

But ultimately people from my church pigeon-hole the ministry of Singing Waters as “healing and deliverance.” It’s a big part of their ministry; bringing people to terms with their issues both through human means and through the Gospel and Power of God. Their fruits are evident in the people around me. It’s a powerful ministry, and all it is, is exercising simple obedience. It’s the kind of ministry that bears fruit every season. You can see real changes in people’s lives. As usual Steve preached on the fundamentals at one of the sessions this time around, and that is the other kind of doctrine that makes a big difference–the spirit, soul and body divide.

Their latest visit with us was interesting; they did not spend as much time ministering to individuals, but more at imparting ways to teach. Both Donna and Steve employed a very strong narrative in their preaching. It’s definitely different. When it works, it really works.

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