Rahxephelion 3: The Second Summer of Love

I kid you not.

As much as I want to just do a stream of consciousness dump of my reaction to Eureka 7, and the trip that it is, I wanted to figure out just what will come out before I start.

Maybe it had to take 9 years to perfect The End of Evangelion? The brilliance in the magnificent construction of E7’s world and the underbellies is mind boggling complex. That would be my favorite part of the show except the music and designs are even better. I mean, seriously. Multiple-satellite-solar-powered orbital death ray meets under-ground earth? Standalone complex? Skateboarding giant robots? Tree of Life? Survival living? Monkeys? Soccer? Middle-school life? Rave music? Microwave pizza? Merger of religion and science? How can all these things be in the same show? Did I mention skateboarding giant robots?

But romance? Romance. A boy meets girl story? If you ignore the part that the girl is an emotionally underdeveloped killing machine from the native alien population. Or if you take the Dominic and Anemone parallel…gosh. The two of them are just better, more desirable foils. That’s not even talking about Charles and Ray. Holland and Talho are the adult version of our flailing protagonsts, I suppse?

Man, I feel sorry for Axel Thurston right about now. But in the same way I can feel how he feels, so it isn’t a bad deal after all.

Because, in the end, love is the answer. Only if the Second Impact involved more caressing and tender loving moments, maybe people won’t be depressed and act all crazy on internet message boards after watching that crap. It saved Sakuya. It saved Eureka. It saved Anemone. It may even have saved Ray and Charles. It certainly saved Holland and Talho.

The picture of life a loveless man painted is even more powerful; to that end Eureka 7 kind of failed to do a good job telling us Dewey’s story. Almost Monster-like, but alas, Holland isn’t born female.

So what does it say? Be a man! Go steal the heart of the girl you like! Love life! Kick ass and chew gum!

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