Ai wa Bubble Bubble Trouble

Magipokan Surprise!

Love is trouble
Love is trouble
Priced like truffle
We are baffled
Makes me babble

Love is a bubble
A growing puzzle
Poetry, a riddle
or bloggable hassle
Almost predictable

Love is trouble
A harem debacle
Male leads fumble
the romance polygonal.
Totally serviceable

Love is bubble
Just like a bubble
Pops like a bubble
Realizations subtle
We all roffle (anyways)

Love is trouble
A big trouble
Vampires cackle
A Hamster troubled?

Love is bubble
All adorable
Loli? Certifiable!

Love is trouble
Love in a bubble
Expectation shatterable
Anime cliché-able
Call the blog constable!

Love is a bubble
Full of trouble
Ideals Romancible
All in a fable

Because, after all…

Love a riddle
A poetic riddle
Cryptic trouble
Magipokan babble
Totally blog-able

Love is Trouble
And Parodi-able
Like Love a Riddle
An aural miracle

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