Speccing Idolmastery

It’s expensive. So expensive.


It makes me want to cry. Chasing after these real things are worse than chasing after tornados or hurricanes, but probably more plesant. It costs airfare and pricy hotel spaces and friends and putting off what you ought to be doing for what you want to be doing. Sucks that they aren’t even that real. You can truely witness the awesome power of nature under a nice storm, but here you have a highly produced entertainer. Or someone who is only really good at what she or he does, and it just happens not to be a guest at an anime convention.

Every summer I hope “Okay, this year I’m cutting back on cons!” But for the past 5 years it just hasn’t quite worked out that way. To that extent I really just have to thank certain groups, like Geneon and Otakon guest relations to be able to deliver what I long to see.

The sad reality is that cons are time consuming and it cost a lot of money to go to them. It’s kind of worth it to take a vacation weekend every year, but 3? 4? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a poor boy. But then again, it takes a whole weekend; rich people tend not to be free of a lot of those either.

This weekend (hopefully when you’re reading this) I’ll be at Anime North 2006 to enjoy a KOTOKO concert, and to hang out with friends. If I’m lucky I’d have scored some cheap Chinese food and met some new people. If I’m even more lucky I’ll truely, truely enjoy the convention. That is what I am after.

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