Sing, Sing Like You Want to Win!

Con season means karaoke season.

Demon-Possessed Bishoujo Band

Bakakozou had their fansub idol competition with e-cash as prizes. Oddly enough I actually heard of it in time before the contest started…if I wanted to participate, I could have. Alas, the trip was in the way so I didn’t do anything.

What’s much more interesting is this website. ZOMG. ZOMG again. HAHAHAHAHA. I just have to contribute something. And I did.

Since 2002 I’ve been doing one song (or more) at Otakon annually. I try to pay attention to various con’s karaoke setup (AN2006 had a karaoke hour 11pm on Friday, but I couldn’t go to that; partly because I just got out the car about then. The jrock idol thing was pretty ok and I was there for most of that). It’s a very different experience than some otaku singing in front of their computers by themselves and goof around with audio editing software. Live is better. For good and for evil.

But it’s just that much easier to sit in front your computer and belt out the words to some songs you don’t know that well. Heck, you can even use various singing aids. And it’s something people can point and laugh repeatedly! Better than my deserted and lost-forever karaoke website?

Enough. It’s time for action! Sing! Dance! Watch Evangelion!

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