Seasonal Ghibli Afflictions, 2012 Edition

It [NSFW] might not cause pain per se, but it’s a hassle to catch a bunch of movies in the span of such a short time. And it’s often on a weeknight. Invariably each movie is a hit in the wallet and in the overall consideration of time, but invariably it is all so very much worth the while.

The North American distribution of Ghibli works, GKIDS, is throwing another feast of Ghibli screenings in NYC starting this week and ending on Dec. 20. Hopefully I will be able to catch a bunch, most notably the ones I missed from last year. Well, I’m not sure I will watch twelve movies again, but definitely at least 2. Spirited Away is up next, and hopefully Castle in the Sky and the Yamadas will finally make their entries in this blog at some point. I still owe Kiki a date! So that’s 3-4 films, and hopefully I can catch them all. (What’s scary is that I think I can watch Porco another three times! It’s been about a year, after all.)

You can find all the details here.

More realistically speaking, I think I’ll end up watching: Spirited Away, Kiki’s, Howl’s, Ocean Waves; maybe Yamada’s, maybe Totoro, and/or maybe Pompoko. Whisper, Porco and Laputa are long shots. Hopefully, also, I can catch the “dub that I haven’t seen before” for some of these, as I’ve heard only the English dubs for some, and Japanese dubs for others. Well, I’m not going to worry too much on missing the English dub other than Kiki’s (which I have at home anyway). So even if I go for broke I’m not going to catch 10 or whatever many films that I did last year. That’s a good thing.


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