Double Duty

It’s one thing to be prominently credited in an OP, it’s another to be prominently credited in two OP in the same season.

Prism Iliya


Oonuma Shin. He even storyboarded the OP for Watamote.

How does this work? I know this occasionally happened for some SHAFT guys but really now? If this is not a red flag, I don’t know what is.


2 Responses to “Double Duty”

  • relentlessflame

    For Fate/kaleid liner, Takashi Sakamoto is credited as the Chief Director, so perhaps Oonuma’s role in that one isn’t as hands-on (he also did the storyboard and episode directing for Episode 1 of Watamote, for example). But, that aside, just because they’re both airing in the same season doesn’t necessarily mean they’re both at the very same point in the production process either. In the end, Silver Link is his studio, so he probably takes some sort of lead role in almost everything they do.

    • omo

      I don’t think what you say actually addresses anything I said. Or even if they are all that applicable. I would think he’s quite hands on for both shows, given how he is credited in the OP (not that he is credited, but he takes the #1 spot in both cases). But of course he isn’t doing everything in both shows so we are just guessing as to how much work he is actually doing.

      But from what I understand, even being the director of ONE anime is a lot of work.

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