A Collision of Snarks

It comes to me as no surprise that these three people are going to Animelo to perform. The intersection between anime, music, and idol personalities has always been one of my most liked aspect about Japanese Visual Culture. My favorite jpop personality is probably one of those people spearheading this thing from the beginning a few years ago…probably also not by accident, both ways.

Oh, actually what really tipped me off was watching Suzumiya Haruhi 12. Somehow things worked out that I watched Nana 10 right after, and double-stacking the band-ness really created this strange chasm of feelings. I guess that’s what Haruko Haruhara means when she pulled Kanti out of Naota’s head.

But this impromptu announcement matched the plot within episode 12. It’s probably a coincidence in as far as a contractual obligation (such as MUCC’s announcement with Otakon, if you’re familiar with that story), but it may be the same obligation I’m talking about. If that is the case, whoever did it is snarky to a deranged degree.

A Tribute to Lordi

Then again, Suzumiya Haruhi and its production generally have been rather sharp. It comes from both the fans, as well as individuals with KyoAni. Intelligence and a high level of coordination are generally seen so far both within the show as well as with what people are doing with it. Will the sequence of smart things continue for this soon-slotted-away TV series? It’s not going to run silent, but will it run deep?

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