To The Rock Garden

This Is How She Gets All The Way Up On Oricon

Visiting Elements Garden’s website makes me wonder, “are they hiding any more people?” They’re a new bunch of people, relatively, but since I stumbled upon this peculiar organization it made things slightly more clear as to “where did all these songs and music come from?” There are musical threads that links them all together.

But aside from that neat tidbit I have been savoring for a few months, Jal’s revelation was no more shocking to me than how no one likes Hikaru Nanase‘s Scrapped Princess soundtrack besides myself? (I think I have as many CDs from each of them, oddly enough.) And what’s up with all the Mizoguchi fans? Where have you gone? And there is just no push behind, say, Ryo Kunihiko, except spottily glorious reviews about Twelve Kingdom. Sure, we hear about YK and YK and maybe occationally some video game music big-shot, and Kunihiko probably charges just as much…

To me, they are all well-accomplished musicians, and just an excerpt from a short list of many others in the anime score and songwriting industry. Granted not every work they put out is gold, but they score rather high. Marc Mancina’s Blood+ is just as good as any. The disparaging amount of attention is disturbing. Granted I think once people latch on names as labels, the game is over and we don’t listen for quality anymore, but even before then it’s all too often a game about matching–taste or style to anime and its audience.

Back to gardening: Elements Garden is not only behind her HUUEG hit, but behind this as well. ZOMG. Does that explain the picture? I hope so.

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