Gadget Trial … Trial (Now in English)

Saishuuheiki Izen?

Copyright infringement is always best for your value, but it’s even better when you can just download the original demo of this episode-based strategy game from the official website, and apply a small patch to turn Mysterious Moon Language into English, and actually understand the how the hell you play the game. Of course if you’re a real pirate like me, you would have gotten Gadget Trial a long time ago and probably beat it by now. But nonetheless, this is a good sample of the mecha musume craze, with less infringement and more value! You wouldn’t have to experience the game crashing 5 minutes before you complete a map that took you 2 hours and 55 minutes. Without intermediate saved games. No sir.

And it’s yet another exhibit of the reason why bishoujo gaming will have a hard time penetrating the mainstream. For crying out loud… DINKY SPRITES ZOMG.

Just to talk it up a bit, Gadget Trial has a pretty good voice acting cast. Izen is powered by the same energetic voice behind Sora Naegino, and airhead Milfeulle as airhead Souka; balancing that we have Eureka as the morbidly silent Hisoka and the mysterious Ran as Nei. I guess that leaves the odd Souseiseki for the deliciously destructive Yu-ri. The dead-pan comedy either works, or doesn’t. The gameplay isn’t anything to write home about, but it is pretty fun.

Well, try it out already.

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