Fifteen Seconds of Obscurity Is Fifteen Seconds Too Many

KOTOKO - Glass no Kaze Tour 2005

Ever appeared in a film, TV show, commercial, or a news segment? Or even radio? Ok, yeah, Youtube and its ilk do not count.

Appearently the very first one that featured my ugly mug was a KOTOKO DVD. I kid you not.

What is funnier is how KOTOKO made the comment about American concert types rock however they want to, where as the Japanese do so as if they’re in school, complete with the class prez leading the hand motion, uniformly.

And gah, it’s just so embarrassing seeing yourself cheering like that.

The (other) funny thing is I remember finding out about this late last year, when someone ripped and distributed the said DVD. It isn’t a typical distributed-by-Geneon kind of a deal so it was rather hard to buy. In fact, due to one thing or another, I finally got the physical copy today.

It does feature some big crowd shots at Anime Expo 2005, so a lot of American fanboys and fangirls probably got their arms or legs in! Too bad I’m not sure if you can still get it today, but it definitely warrants a watch. It’s just me, but I’d like to have a copy of all the commercially produced material that has me in it, so.

KOTOKO - Glass no Kaze Tour 2005

7 Responses to “Fifteen Seconds of Obscurity Is Fifteen Seconds Too Many”

  • tj han

    Well there was one Japanese newspaper, Shizuoka Shimbun, that had a picture and article of me making a speech to the prefectural minister of education but I was too unhip to be featured in anime merchandise. I don’t see your picture though in the two shots above.

  • omo

    Like hell I’ll post my picture here…

  • Ten

    >> Like hell I’ll post my picture here…

    Awww… even if we asked pretty please? ;p

  • houkoholic

    I’ve appeared on several media sources ever since I set foot in Japan.

    I was in the town news letter when I was doing JET, several times.
    My face appeared in one issue of Seiyuu Grandprix when they had a report on Chiba Saeko’s fanclub event.
    I was interviewed for one of Shimokawa Mikuni’s concert, which was broadcasted over cellphones.
    I was in Mizuki Nana’s Miricale Flight PV where my face can be made out if you know where to pause. ;)
    I’m assuming that I would be on the next Tamura Yukari concert DVD as well since they were shooting the crowd getting their tickets check just as I was walking in……

    Wow now that I’ve listed them out I’m surprised I’ve been on media for so many times already. I’d assume I’ll get even MORE if I was a Caucasian…..

  • omo

    Time to get surgery yo! What\’s the timestamp for your face in Miracle Flight? :)

  • houkoholic

    And be like MJ? I’d rather not.
    As for timestamp, I just noticed that I appear *several* times because I was in the front row. One shot that was clear was around the 1:07 mark. Not that you can tell if you don’t know what I look like in RL anyway. ;)

  • omo

    Just in the unlikely event that I will have to find you in real life…? No, really, I am just curious >_>

    I suppose I should just come out and say it, but a big reason why it’s good to appear in these kinds of things is that it makes buying them that much more justified.

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