I Love Ufotable? TARTAN CHECK This!

I literally was rolling and laughing when I found out about Manabi Straight. Not because it’s UFOTable publishing both manga and picking itself up for the anime production, but they call their manga branch…


What’s so funny, you might ask? That’s because I am a Tartan. Just looking at their checker-filled website fills my heart with giggly delight. If you’re unfamiliar with that kind of self-designation, you should consider reading up on college sports culture in the United States. It is crazy and possessive and a lot of fun.

Oh Japan, how you combine the weirdest things and gives me this out-of-context joyride. Mutant Dwarf has nothing on this one, well, for me at least.

Meanwhile you can read what little more about Manabi Straight that is available. Like how Horie is the voice actress for Manabi herself, Marina Inoue (of the Cossette fame) is going to also be in this show, and what other image CDs are going to be released

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