National Geographic: Suigintou

I am not this man, and thankfully so.

I never was much of a photographer, so when I posed Suigintou under a cool October sky it didn’t occur to me to procure the right equipment, let alone finding a good angle. It was kind of brisk and I took care to spend as little time possible outside. Part of it was also I just don’t want to be found doing this in public. Or even by people I know. Alas, the journey towards the right degree of shamelessness is life-long.

Given my circumstances I cannot afford many hobbies. I think between PC gaming/MMORPGs and the occasional anime con, I’m pretty wiped. Maybe I can squeeze out some living expenses towards a few DVDs on sale or a trip to Book-Off, but a figure? Man.

Maybe all the more I should go nuts like TJ and get my money’s worth? Sounds like a good idea.

One of the big motivation behind me taking this picture and writing about it was a bit of a plea. I haven’t seen any figure reviews of Yujin’s SR series Suigintou. When I was putting the stuff together from the box, it was a bit of a delicate piece with ribbons that you have to attach. All it took was a little bit of trial & error, but lacking a well-addressed reference picture leaves me a bit in the dark. I’m not sure how the finish product should have looked in detail.

It wasn’t obvious. In fact in the picture above, something is missing. I didn’t realize after the fact that I actually made a mistake in putting her together. Alas, it has been remedied but I am not going to risk being exposed again, to take her for a walk under the sun.

If you are a bigger, better, superior Suigintou fan than I am, then you may have noticed what was missing. And just in case you’re like me and you bought this figure and didn’t figure it out yet, or planning to buy it, I hope I may save you some figuring-out.

The box it came with is fairly standard. In one corner it contains 5 ribbons and a feather, each laid within its own inset. The smallest one goes on her neck as a part of her tie/choker thing. Two of the remaining ribbons go on her sleeves, one on each side, right under her shoulder padding. The last two go on her gothloli headgear, one on each side. The 4 larger ribbons look similar, but they have different shaped attachments which only fit with the proper part of the figure. It’s a bit of annoyance.

It’s almost as annoying as putting her wings on, and to do so without taking her head off.

“Off with her head!”

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  • moyism

    Dude, I know your pain. And yea, I did notice you were missing the neck ribbon when you mentioned something was off in the photo.

    Hey, at least you didn’t put one of the head/shoulder ribbon as the neck ribbon in the first try. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to figure out each ribbon peg is unique and as you mentioned, becomes a guessing game. Did it also take you FOREVER to put the back wings on? I swear, I was able to do one pretty quickly but the other one took 10-20 minutes to do; mostly because I was afraid of damaging the figurine.

    Like I mentioned in my blog, the figurine is alright but nothing great.

  • Jeff Lawson

    For a moment there, I thought you were exploiting a roadside memorial for an accident victim or something… then, I realized the cross came with the figure.

  • omo

    You know, that’s a great idea JAL. Only if I was not a chicken and didn’t have better things to do. There is this one roadside memorial pretty close to my place, and I know the victim in the second degree, to boot…

    moyism: since you had to go through it before I did, it just means you’re a bigger, badder, greater Suigintou fan. But I think it only took me about 3 minutes to put the wings on, once I figured out the right angle. And am not afraid of cracking some heads. Literally. Now that I went and read your review of the figure, I think mine suffered the same flaws as yours, but it didn’t seem so pronounced.

    And if it means anything, I do read your blog’s headlines regularly :3

  • tj han

    I just got this one today. I hate it. I’m always pissed when I get the latest Yujin figure.They don’t freakin label the ribbons and the ones used for the arms are different from the hair ones and that caused me much grief.

  • omo

    Any of you getting Souseiseki? Looking at that, I don’t see how yujin can mess that one up.

    I suppose when you’re trying to make a creatively-posed figure, there’s an inherent risk in the design, but even by color-labeling the end-pieces of the ribbon attachments and including a little piece of paper telling you what goes where, it would’ve mitigated my biggest complaint about Suigintou.

  • Vonturn

    I’m planning on getting that the end of this month! Can’t wait.

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