Sing Like You Want to Win – Animesuki Edition

It’s a while, but the sixth annual Animesuki karaoke competition is taking entries until the 29th. The contest will “showcase” by a live streaming of all the entries. This year they even have a separate site all set up for it.

It’s one thing that if I submit something (I probably will), but I think it’ll be fun if you can also get a lot of other people to terrorize a captive audiencejoin the fun. The particular format of streaming audio, mixing bad entries with good ones…a disaster in the making!

Of course, it’s just fun to also participate in good faith, because I sure would like to hear JAL sing! And I know I’m not the only one.

Actually, if you read this blog and is participating, I want to know! It’s just more fun to do it as a community, like the AS forum folks do.

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