Animenano Idol 2006 – A Primer

Hung’s karaoke contest is pretty rocking. I never would imagine that about half of the entries posted are female vocals. That’s just awesome.

OTOH, I think there is a serious lack of gag entries. It would’ve been pretty fun to stand shoulder to shoulder with TJ and bring some real laughs, but I’ve been having problems recording–basically somehow my vocal recording would always be out of sync with the karaoke track, even when I recorded using it. I’m not sure it’s because my playback is out of whack or because my instrumental mp3/cdda import method is out of whack or what. In the end that entry of Grand Blue is just this old recording I did when the single first came out God-knows-when ago.

I might have to pull a Jal and get this Skill recording mixed later. Sigh.

By the way, I voted for that uncanny rendition of Daichi no la-li-la. It’s freaking good. I suppose whoever was singing Yasashii Gogo was just as good, but that’s an easy song that I can even do (in fact, I can prolly do a nice butchery of that once sufficiently intoxicated); or I should say, Daichi no la-li-la is hard to sing. Yubiwa is another song with some difficult parts in it. But, man, singing your own harmony is hard enough, let alone in Oranges & Lemons style and then taking the time to record it like that? Just wow.

But, yes, the point here is that there are so many great entries. I already mentioned Yubiwa and Yasashii Gogo, but whoever is doing that Star Ocean EX song should go sing something that’s got more bite to it; such a waste of talent ;). Ten is scary; or rather I mean she needs to get some friends who can mix her voices right, because it can sound a lot better than how it sounds like from the karaoke page.

And … uh, a girl singing LoveLoveLove no Sei na no yo! That’s so unreal…in a “Can I have your babies” kind of way. That song is so set up for butchery, yet there’s this sweet and honest entry! I’m moved.

I suppose that’s what always happens. In an exhibition it takes a certain level of insanity, self-confidence, talent and courage. I’m all for “everybody let’s sing” but it’s just unavoidable that the rest are put to shame by these great performances. Sometimes it helps to be a penguin, I suppose.

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  • dm

    Anyone who sings their own Oranges & Lemons harmonies deserves a vote.

  • Ten

    Actually, I was torn between three entries: the dude who sang Life is Like a boat, Naddie, and Kaika. Kaika has a gorgeous voice. I want to steal it from her. Unfortunately, her entry is too short to showcase her talent. I can see her singing Angela Aki. The Bleach dude is pretty good too. I have a weakness to dudes who “can” sing. As for Naddie, I think she chose the most difficult piece. I mean, one track is already a pain in the butt. Two tracks is a killer.

    >>Ten is scary;

    Hah, even competent mixing wouldn’t help. XD You haven;t heard anything scary yet until you’ve heard me sing Gackt. ;p I have a low and big voice that the you’d think I’m a dude in the first verse.

  • omo

    Nothing wrong with big & low… But I think that’s why you picked the song you sang, right? :3 It shows off your tonal quality. And better mixing so we can actually hear you (better) :3

    Bleach dude is pretty ok, in the sense that he’s actually average and knows how to sing. It’s just that most intarweb otaku fanboys just can’t sing, like yours truly.

  • Naddie

    Thanks for the kind words, Omo :D I actually quite liked “Grand Blue” – was surprised when I heard it sang by a guy but it was actually really pleasant to listen to :D

    I actually really enjoyed recording the song :) And yes, Ten is uber scary. Her voice puts me to shame. (Ten you really sound good. Really seriously hontou ni.)

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