Channeling Suzumiya Haruhi Episode Twelve

Kingdom Come

Take me to your leader, the purveyer of all things loli and heart.

Take me to your shelter, where Akari won’t be shushed for saying embarassing things.

Take me under your wings, once I score enough points on your web game.

Take me to the great healer, one look at Momo heals all ills.

Take me to your drummer, because she’s pretty funny. And funny drummers are an important part to all good live bands. (It’s funny, because the “bands”that I work with are on the same level as these guys, and I see similarities.)

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

And for making Manabi Straight episode 11 a bigger wish fulfilment than all of Kyoani’s Kanon will ever be. It cured me of my Kanon blues, and it’ll cure you too.

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