UFOTable Does Ending Right

The end is the beginning


I can’t say if Manabi Straight! is the best thing since Sliced Bread (and I can’t recommend it to you unless I know a little about you), but it sure finishes well.

I haven’t been more so gratified by an end to a TV anime for as far as I can remember. It isn’t even a matter of expectation–I expected UFOTable to deliver–it’s just so sweet and it hits the spot so squarely on, that I even put off my original post for today just so I can splooge here.

4 Responses to “UFOTable Does Ending Right”

  • RahRah

    I’m glad to know it ends well. Guess UFOTable really did learn from Coyote Ragtime Show. Now if only someone would sub the rest of it :(

  • Link

    It was one of the most satisfying endings in a long time. And so cute.

  • Pete Zaitcev

    I think the ending would’ve been even more perfect without the product placement for Mini Cooper. But even as it is, it’s out of this world. Lots of the details were a delight to see, such as civilian clothing on girls. Unlike Azumanga, we do not get a lot of exposure to it. I loved the epilogue footage in the credits, and I wish more anime did it. Windy Tales kind of sort of bumbled it with the adult Nao. I only seem Stellvia making a production of it.

    Do you have an idea who the florist girl actually was? She doesn’t seem like the president of the gardening club…

    The tagging scenes made me cringe, but hey… I forgive them.

  • omo

    Loli in a Mini indeed…

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