In the Stillness, There Is Big Hair

While I am no less vulnerable against the sensual, frilly designs sported by Touka Gettan and Carnelian’s usual fare, I am very sensitive about hair.

Witches of the West

In brief, most anime character designs rely on hair as the primary distinguishable trait. If you’re a Touhou fan, you might notice this is a very visible trend for the mass number of Touhou characters. It just sort of bothers and intrigues me that the same works for Carnelian’s characters. I guess that is why I’m still watching the darn show. (Well, I suppose all the fanservice does help.)

The similarity doesn’t stop there. The frilly tresses and flowing bangs and the curious headgear on top of the mystical, miko-ish motifs. In fact, aside from the fan-injected nature of the characters themselves, I can see how even the feel of Touka Gettan can translate into a Touhou anime.

So… yea. This is what I’d like to see if there’s ever a Touhou anime. Somehow I get the feeling it might not be such the case for the various Touhou anime projects.

7 Responses to “In the Stillness, There Is Big Hair”

  • Wererat42

    At least the overall WTF is happening aspect doesn’t deter you. Banzai!

  • Link

    I would kill to see a Touhou anime done Kamichu style.

  • bd_

    I take it you noticed the danmaku battle in ep 2? ;)

  • Muey

    Lies, it can’t be comparable, none of the mikopersonas are flaunting slutty shoulders :(

    As for Touhou anime, I don’t know really – Touhou is very much Not Serious Buisness and the characters strike me mostly as way too whimsical and non sequitur to make something work in the Touka Gettan style if you’d want to, well, keep it mostly true to its roots.
    With that being said, it’s not like the potential isn’t there(I quite enjoy the more serious(TM) doujins myself), it’s just the Olf-backslash you’d might want to wary of :p

    Make an adaption of Perfect Cherry Blossom with an ample mix and coverage of Yuyuko’s backstory for fleshing things out and the full circle, and there you have it, your Toukagettanized Touhou anime \o/ (…and don’t forget the non-linarity! =)

    I’d totally hit it.

  • omo

    I get ya. One reason why I never got into the side crap for Touhou is that the fan interpretations are less than interesting more often than not. It just isn’t really made to be something that’s funny.

  • TheBigN

    I do like looking at the Touhou fan extras because of how much they try to expand on the basic personalities that ZUN introduced. Most times they don’t work, but sometimes they do really well. And I would second (or third or whatever) a Touhou anime that was slice of life, thought that might be more because of the fan influence more than anything else. :P

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