AX2007: Manhandled?

Well, pissed off con goers are dime a dozen, at least that’s how I feel as a long-time con goer. This year’s AX, however, is a different story. I’ve not been, so I can’t say on my own, but I have all the hearsay in the world to back this up.

For one, Halko Momoi herself openly dissed AX. Com’on, guys, Momoi might be a little less diplomatic and forgiving than the typical Japanese guest, but she really loves her fans and whatever that pushed her this far can’t be just some trite little thing. ANN reported a bit on it, but you can get a bigger picture of what went on in the comments and especially as detailed here, by someone who was at the Momoi events.

Of course, the extra-hours wait in itself is not too, too unexpected; the multitude of concerts AX has this year invariably will mean one or more mismanagement and legions of pissed fans. The delayed concerts and the subsequent chain effect? One pissy performer can cause all these subsequent ills that would affect just the fans attending those shows (a large amount to say the least). But, well, AX forum itself is full of horrid stories: like 50 autographs for the SOS-dan girls? That bit of news made even 2ch.

I’ve seen my share of inept con managements. But I think what is unfathomable is pissing off fan favorites. People like the SOS-dan trio and Halko Momoi are really big (or will be) in the scene, and that kind of ill-will goes far to discredit not just AX’s management, but western fandom in general. Even if this was a once-in-a-lifetime screw-up.

To that end, it’s not so much a matter of “AX’s fault” or any kind of silly blame-game, but it screws with the prospect of other cons scoring these guests as visitors in the future. It creates the sort of damage that (perhaps) not even time and money can undo. Perhaps, as of this writing, it is already by-gone and water under the bridge. I suppose I can only plead humbly to the other con organizers to treat their shows not just “yet another con” but that for the special guests themselves, this is their livelihood; and the collective sacrifice of your typical major-con goers has to be respected. It’s ugly when the middleman screws it up, you know? Con managements do not have thankful jobs and they really get to deal with a lot of crap with very little glory. I’m sure there is more to the hearsay floating around out there that make all of the trash talk fit reasonably. But please, do something! D:

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  • Hinao

    Holy shit I’m glad I Didn’t go hahahaha

  • kiseki gurl

    The staff was horrible this year. I asked ten people where to get my badge holder and premier ticket and five of them pointed me in the opposite direction. There was also a two hour delay with the SOS Brigade Tour.
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    If you wanna find out more about the whole SOS brigade tour and how AX screwed up click at the link below. Also, you can see a lot of people’s comments and complaints.

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  • omo

    Paranda has updated with the happenings today, concert and aftermath.

  • DrmChsr0

    And heck, here I was, all hyped up because we’re gonna get Da Capo in English soon…

    What a real bummer. This ain’t gonna help cross-Pacific relations one bit…

    Ah well, I’ve got bigger and more important fish to fry. AX will just have to wait until those are done first.

  • DrmChsr0

    Speaking of manhandled, LOL

  • Audrey

    Hi, I wanted to post a comment on Halko Momoi’s page, but i couldn’t. Do I need to sign up a blog like yours? Can you show me?

  • omo

    Nah, I think her comments are moderated. Post something and just wait.

  • Ray

    MOMOi used to be and still is a fan herself. Dissing fans that become pros is a definite no-no. And MOMOi is very cool with fans because she understands what it’s like to be a fan. That means whatever she says people (even in the industry) will listen. I hope she doesn’t continue to get mad at us Americans. Good thing our fans at AX really showed our love for her.

  • Bata-kun

    True, they were understaffed, but they still don’t have the right to do what they did to Momoi Haruko-san and the rest of the Japanese guests. Momoi-san was the reason why I went down south and how they could kill off the autograph sessions is beyond me, which is what I wanted to do. If that wasn’t bad enough, I had to choose either the S.O.S. autograph gig and the Momoi-san panel; either way, I’d lose. So, I chose the latter and I feel sorry for the people that waited in line on Sunday. The Momoi-san concert was a blast though.

    I’ll rant off my AX experience in a few days.

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