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End your pilot episode with a strong kiss…

Needless to say I really dig School Days the anime so far. Also needless to say it’s way better than all of Tsuyokiss put together at episode 1. (Still want a collection of all its eyecatches…) I think I’m enjoying it even more so because I’ve already seen what the game had to offer, at least for a tiny fraction of it (namely the introduction part (where episode 1 of the anime covered) and some of the LOL endings). I have hopes for this show now, even if the delivery came off a bit like a shaggy old man who may had the charms when he was a mere … 29 years ago. That alone will probably alienate any good will for the greater anime viewing demographic in this post-Haruhi generation of TV animation. Well, that’s to keep (mostly) silent about how to adopt this tricky animated visual novel.

But while I was singing my heart out in my car to (some of) these tunes sometime this week, It only dawned on my then that Summer is con season, and con season means karaoke season. And because this year, unlike of my prior few summers, I haven’t been to a con yet. I am so ill prepared…

And that’s just one MORE party I’m late to. At least this party should be on DVD…? I so have to hit up Animelo one year. We can all scream our hearts…and lungs and intestines out in public.

Sigh. I have a lot on my plate between now and end of this month, so don’t expect a lot of entries from me. I will be at Otakon, though, and more of that nonsense will come…

As well with that music video. It’s still on the plate just…no room to do anything with it or to it.

I’ll end this strange mid-week rant with a couple questions:

1. What should I karaoke at Otakon? I really want to do SKILL at Otakon (again), but that require at least 2-3 people, but ideally 6. (Are you interested? Let me know!) On the plate are all my old songs that I’ve done at various cons before, but I want to hit up a new one. The problem here is that all the new songs I want to sing I can’t really do–I still want to do Break the Cocoon but I’m lacking an off-vocal track nor the English part of the lyrics near the end. I sort of want to do Gravitation but Angela is…not an act I should follow. I can always do God Knows again, but I rather like the Momoi’s cover more in terms of arrangement and how it has very little breaks in the middle…except that we’ll have to rip the voice out.

2. Questions for Mamiko Noto? I’ve said it before, if you want to have fun at a con panel, think up questions ahead of time. I’m probably going to ask at least one question about Touka Gettan, but that’s just the beginning. I’ll take your suggestions! Help me get my brain juices going.

6 Responses to “School Days -> Tsuyokiss, Singers and Singing, And Other Seasonal Checklistings”

  • hayase

    When is Otakon anyway? Well, if you could, ask Mamiko Noto this question: What’s her favorite anime character (that she was the seiyuu for)? That is, if that question has not been asked before. =)

  • omo

    well i’m sure someone will ask that question.

  • houkoholic

    Well I’ve got a serious question.

    I want to ask her about her recent role as Matsuri in Sola (excellent performance from Mamiko there btw). Matsuri’s outgoing, almost cheeky at times, personality is quite a contrast to the quietly spoken female characters that she ususally gets casted in. I want to ask her whether this change was challenging to her and if so whether she did anything to prepare herself before getting into the character of Matsuri.

  • Muey

    I’d like to hear something on her opinion about typecasting, though you’ll probably have to formulate the question (carefully) in some manner there. But it’d be nice to know least in that how much leaning of her own/choice there is when she ends up playing the characters that she ends up playing, and what her thoughts are the times she doesn’t end up in a role following the usual forumla.

    Well, I guess what Hokuholic asked skirts that subject pretty well already ;)

    Also, you should totally do Gravitation for Karaoke :)

  • Gamblor

    houkoholic, I had that question prepared for Mamiko-san ^^ Changing from a shy hesitant character(Nodoka) into a headstrong person like Matsuri who had no problem losing Yorito(fake) in order to give Aono-san the life she deserved. Mmmm im not good at these kind of things and hope I phrase my question good lol.

  • omo

    Muey: Typecasting is a tricky thing to ask, so I’ll think about it more before asking a question like that. Maybe someone else could get to it, because it is a lingering issue for her the past few years (but not so much now).

    houkoholic: How about this: “I really like your acting in the anime Sola. What did you do to prepare and get into the role of Matsuri? Was there anything special about this character?”

    and if no one asks what’s her favorite: “Which role in the past was the most memorable for you”

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