Tasha Yar == Karukinus

No, not really. Seriously. I’m just kidding…

Hello, Yin's sempai?

More I watch Heroic Age, the more I think of Star Trek. Why? It has that geek-utopia smell to it.

There is a lot of literature written about the Star Trek … franchise. Thing. Culture. Geekdom. What have you. Ever imagine if The Next Generation was not about Captain Picard going out there and discover new stuff, but Deanna Troi’s younger, innocent sister leading the Federation to reconciliation with a strange version of the Borg… Oh, and replace all that technobabbling with “hoshiboshi no michibiki” and “staarrrrway” and “the power of the Golden Tribe” and you’ve got it.

What if Q raised Age?

I think that air of utopia seasoned with reason being the common pillar for all those sentient being existing in the universe…is the heart of the Star Trek universe, the common thread behind its themes. And in this Heroic Age, such is the order of the world.

Onto the present and ever present whine:

Within the series we need to realize, that like many other space sci-fi stories, traveling between each star is a big hassle and a major plot point. Such is as true in The Heroic Age as with others in the same genre of anime. The nature of space travel in each sci-fi setting is something of some concern and attention for the story teller. That’s a big “Kero-chan Check” point for settings (as with character designs). But so far within the series we have not had a very clear explanation of how FTL travel works. I think it’s a major disservice to the audience to not be able to understand how this major plot point works. Especially how it ties into DNAra’s singular, unique power that we realize later on.

Along the same line, real space maneuvering in The Heroic Age seems to be akin to that of Starship Operator–it takes real time to move stuff around (each battle takes days and weeks and months to resolve), although it seems rather Star Wars-ish when it comes to combat otherwise. The Nodos here is both a help and a harm–it strips the show of any kind of realism, yet it makes things a lot less boring. But somehow, the combat parts of this show is still pretty boring and I don’t know what can be done to help it.

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  • Danny Choo

    I dropped HA on th second-ish episode as I thought the animation was a bit rough. Does it get any better?

  • omo

    The animation doesn’t really get better, but I think they showed only half of the active cast by that point, so you’re missing out on a lot of characters. Some of the CG stuff gets a little better later on, though.

  • Muey

    I like the show, or I should perhaps more clearly say I’m a bit infantuated with its alleged lead. It’s not a bad show.
    Though, while the Nodos’ are a large part of the show, something inside me still wishes to see how Heroic Age would’ve been without that whole element. Well, I’d wager the space battles would be a bit more interesting, or I just like traditional fleet action more – any form of large-scale pew-pew-lasering at each is more interesting than the RAAAGH HULK SMASH and what not of the Nodoss fights :p.
    And well, ships actually get blown up, as opposed to the Nodos that can take on a non-figurative galaxy filled with pain and just shrug it off like a minior antbite or something :/

    Which reminds me I should catch up with this again, I guess I got another 5 episodes ready for batch-watching.

  • omo

    The Nodos actually don’t fight very much versus other ships. When the ships fight each other they reuse all those footages with close combats and various things panning across firing lasers.

    There is definitely a lack of the tactical view. The direction doesn’t even go there.

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