Cute Microbes Looking for Warm Fansubbing Home

To be honest the real reason I’m blogging is because I can’t have such an inviting picture of Mao Mizusawa on my website, for so long. It’s not exactly safe for work, and it’s actually a distraction… I guess I’m just weak against her.

Moyashimon needs more marketing. Or less, because its author won awards, it’s been out for a couple years as an appropriately odd but appealing manga series for an older crowd, and it’s on Noitamina. Noitamina has an incredible track record with me and I don’t see why I won’t like the story about educating the public about microorganisms that have been coexisting with mankind for thousands of years.

As well as, well, odd culinary preferences. It’s not lutefisk but more like surstromming? Anyways. This show reaches enough technological complexity that it needs subs to explain which microbe lives in which food and what it means when you get a saggy brown blob floating in the air instead of a youthful brown blob floating in the air.

And those microbes are cute looking. One thing that struck me immediately was that in the context of agriculture, we are to embrace our germ-like overlords. I know in America people are much more likely to be germophobic and this is a very healthy counter-message to that effect. Maybe the world in general needs to just learn more about these things so it spends less money buying useless crap that kills germs unnecessarily so. It’s nice to put a happy face on those friendly microbes because they are some of man’s best friends.

And if you haven’t heard from anyone yet, please check out the OP/ED. They are fantastic, odd (along the lines of Honey & Clover OP), and just wow.

8 Responses to “Cute Microbes Looking for Warm Fansubbing Home”

  • moyism

    I was initially going to pass on this series but after seeing a few reviews, the cute microbes, and seeing “moy” everytime I saw the title I gave in. Glad I did; while the science terms were way beyond me, I still understood enough to enjoy the series :)

    Plus it’s always nice to watch something vastly different than the norm every once in awhile. Microbes/germs can be cute looking? Who knew.

  • Owen S

    I’m loving this grassroots campaign by the anime bloggers. the last arial and Riuva’s written about it, and I’ve been enthusiastically persuading Ori0n of Epic Blog to volunteer to sub it, too. Let’s hope someone’s listening.

  • omo

    Who’d thunk Moyashimon hits tjhan on the nose being so closely related to his major? It’s stuff like this that makes anime awesome.

    Go go moyashimonism.

  • TheBigN

    The OP/ED are brillant, though I prefer the OP. This seems like something I would seriously enjoy without knowing what people are saying, so if it doesn’t seem like someone will sub it soon, I’ll probably watch it raw. Hopefully someone does sub it though. :3

  • lastarial

    It wasn’t until I wrote about Moyashimon that I realised just how many Noitamina shows there are in my top 20.

    Oh and Owen, thanks for the mention of Riuva’s blog. What an incredibly useful post on the science behind the show.

  • Akiraman

    Looks like and interesting anime the might go unoticed but I think I might take up watching this one with Shakugan no shana and CLANNAD

  • wildarmsheero

    I love those cute little fuckers. I want toys of them.

  • dm

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen a Fungo mash-up of Clannad’s ED Dango with Moyashimon creatures yet.

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