Caught Up In a Whirlwind of Massive Strings or Tenmon Is Love

I don’t get why some people think ef anime episode 2 “ending” doesn’t work–to me it works very well.

She shoots, she scores!

If not too well.

I ended up going to the official website and rip the music on there. Digging into the flash file on the HP, you can find two mp3s of juicy Tenmon goodness. And as you would expect I’ve been listening to them repeatedly. The theme song on the website is different than the episode 2 version, so you should switch it up!

The sad part is that this will have to tide me over until February of 2008, as that’s when the OST is slated to street. :(

Thankfully we have a little more to work with; the theme song single is out next week, along with the CD singles of the first few endings. The ef anime will have different ending songs every episode, a bit like School Days. But it looks like each ED will get a single, instead of one CD with a bunch of the ending themes on them.

The OP single will have just one song on it–the English version, the Japanese version, the TV edit, and the instrumental (WANT NOW).

It’s always to see enjoyable composers get their deserving spotlight. If you’re weak against this kind of pop music like I am then this season is full of treats, with people like Elements Garden also doing some nice pieces… In the case of ef, think of Kumo no Mukou or Byousouku 5cm, and multiply it by a few factors of awesome as Tenmon is composing for a TV show–better budget and simply, hopefully, more scores and more diverse pieces.

Need. New. Pants.

Last but not least: Remember Eminence? Here’s a recording of their rendition of Beyond the Clouds, from the Tenmon soundtrack of the same at their Melbourne show this year.

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