Seiyuu Moe Is LULZ

If you didn’t know, Hashihime is throwing a serious seiyuu poll. There’s even a photo index.

Well I did promise to study the list, so here’s my cheat sheet and starting point. The ones with a hash mark are the ones who will be considered for round two as I try to find that needle in this haystack of pictures, identities, subjectivity and human worshiping that’s worth my solitary vote. I think I’ve wiped out a lot of them who are just starters because their resume looked weak, and I think overall there is actually a bias of picking pictures. The ones Hashihime likes tend to get a better selection, lolz, at least that was my feeling while going through the list and looking everyone up. Plus, there are quite a few that were left out in the list that I thought was essential.

And if you want to know more, yes, there is a pattern to my madness. I did stick to looking at a set of criteria for everyone, and those who did well enough will qualify.

One caveat: considering that meeting Mamiko Noto had left such a great impression on me this past summer, I don’t know if I can at all objectively rank her. She’s got this awesome yamato nadeshiko aura around her that’s just enthralling. Maybe it’s just me, I guess. And yea, pictures do not do her justice.

Well she hasn’t made me feel like learning Japanese and get myself to Japan and work in a related industry, yet. Thank God.

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