Living Vicariously Through Others Rocks in the 21st Century

LOL Eminence Symphony Orchestra is tender loving melodic euphoria? Even when recorded?

With stuff like youtube life is so easy to share with others. Weddings, birthdays, trips and vacations, anime cons… and there’s orgasmic orchestrations of some of the best anime music out there, live!

And blogs, too. So you can connect with the you that wasn’t there, but someone else who’s fortunate enough to enjoy it first hand. Uh, who was there? Negativezero? I dunno. Where’s all the Aussies at?

So it came and pass, a night in fantasia 2007 anime edition. And to the point, there are some cool stuff to check out:

Porco Rosso Medley. Seriously, they need to do more of Ghibli stuff that I like. Or just bring back their one old show >_>

Le Portrait de Petit Cossette.

The overplayed musicbox Melody from Noir.

Lullaby. Oddly enough I’m more familiar of this from Kajiura’s Fiction CD. It’s very nice to have an instrumental version though.

A Bunch Of Stuff From Tsubasa That I Don’t Care so much.

Some Xenosaga and .hack stuff that I’ve heard from their earlier show, but different instruments. And there’s two more from Xenosaga: main theme and Lamentation, which wasn’t in their earlier shows.

And out of nowhere came Lilium! This version is sooooo different. Same song and all but, wow. Yes, this is the Elfen Lied opening song.

Along the same lines, what the? Fly Me to the Moon? Makes me want to dance.

There was the usual autograph session afterwards. And Q&A at some point. She speaks English…sort of!

Pics here.

Liking Eminence for most people means a long-distance affair. It’s just not possible to go to their shows on a regular basis without serious dedication, time and funds. It’s hard to say if seeing and hearing them over the internet just makes me want more or what, or makes me sad that I can’t really go to their shows sans extraordinary circumstances. Ah well.

Anyone going to the Ko Ootani show in December with a camera? :)

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