Yahoo! Auction Japan Coming To America?

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Mainichi online reports that Yahoo Auction Japan and eBay have partnered in Japan to make more volume for both of them. I won’t bother with all the details, but one note the news article left out is that far majority of Japanese sellers will not ship out of country, so in order to buy stuff from Y!AJ most of the hardy importers know we gotta use proxies. There are commercial services that will buy and sell, but there are also, heh, your friends who live there. The article left out exactly how this will be dealt with in regards to eBay US.

You can also read more about it on moetron. The launch of the Japanese gateway to international eBay auctions was today, I think. Needless to say the implication is big for people who by direct from Japan on a regular basis.

Smaller are impacts worrying reverse importer watchers like game and anime companies…?

And in totally unrelated news, wth?

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Pardon the newsworthy note, because this is one of the rare instances where a channel of commerce coincides with a market opportunity aligning with my own interests. Auction proxies has been around as long as internet auctions so it’s been quite some time that they addressed this unattended need.

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