Takanori Makes the Squeeze


So some of you know that TM Revolution is coming to New York ComiCon. For those who are planning on going, they’re stuffing all of yall into a hall that sits 3000.

That’s right, 3000.

They have the Javitz Center. Which means it has enough space that can hold at least 10,000 in the basement. Of course, odds are that’s simply not possible as the Comic con doesn’t really use up all that space overall, and it probably costs a metric ton of $$$.

For comparison, when L’arc en Ciel went to Baltimore for Otakon, they had over 10,000 people show up at that gig. Of course Otakon draws like 30,000 people all by itself so much of that can be attributed to that fact alone, but this is the Big Apple and not the dump that is Baltimore. It’s midtown madness! TMR’s Otakon visit topped out at around 4-5000 or so? But that was in 2003.
But anyways, even if TMR was not coming (and, FWIW, I’d have made plans to go much earlier if he is bring Abingdon Boys School), NYCC is a crowd crunch anyways if it was anything like last year. I suppose I can go again and try to score free loot, but I’m a lot more busy now than last year. Even if TM Revolution is showing himself in a venue that holds 10,000, it’ll be a crowd anyways.

Choices choices.

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