Makoto Shinkai’s LOLCAT


It just dawned on me, believe it or not, but Makoto Shinkai’s 60-second tribute for NHK’s Ani*kuri really is a lolcats reference.

Icanhascheezeburger, the premiere site for lolcats pics, shows that generally lolcats fall into two categories of images. I think the picture I posted up there is a good example of what the two common lines are.

Probably more aptly, Neko no Shuukai is, like most lolcat pics, the same nod towards the two-faced nature of our feline masters. It’s either at your domicile being a cat looking for cheezburger, or in your base killing your mans with its gigawatt mekara BEEM! Or hiding your bodies or trying out some bad puns. Whatever.

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