Tokyo Travelog 2009 Part 4 – Tanabata of Legendary Proportions

Okay, I was going to write up a Kanno Yoko concert report but that will probably take a whole lot of time, so read up on Mai’s comment spam if you’re into those precious, fresh-baked joe-hoes.

Just some random last minute things:

I picked up Asako Nishida’s art book. It came out 7/2 so it was well-presented at the stores in Akiba. Having some time to leaf through it now…let’s just say if you like Simoun, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to pick it up… On top of that, it has Nishida’s work for YamiBou, Touka Gettan, and many others… And it’s not just the usual yuri lol-stuff too. Her works from Outlaw Star and Angel Links are well worth it, if those titles mean anything to you. Plus, her taste in fan art is probably just like yours if you liked the titles she worked on.

It’s always good to run into an otaku or two of your equal in a strange land. So hello to Danie’s friends for being keen minds like hers~

Food exploration for today:

Which way is the head?

New anime watched: Sora no ManimaniPrincess Lover!

Definitely more to come. Time to crash.

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