Look and Feel

I originally had planned to revamp the blog this year with new layout and a look. It probably will still feel kind of the same, much like what the site looks like when grated through Readability, with some holes and edges thrown in. Holes and edges is what makes one human being different than another human being, right? Same with blogs.

The big change is making my site’s layout, at least on the books, 100% copyright kosher. Doesn’t mean it will still contain images that are taken without permission, but that’s content, and not layout. I would be giving away a copy of Choux’s artwork to the public under CC ShareAlike (like everything else that actually is mine on my blog). You can get a preview here on the header (yeah the old header lasted less than a day, maybe just a day). I mean, after all, it’s only fair…get it hur hur. As an aside, nothing on the wordpress.com version of this blog is licensed under Creative Commons terms… heh. Not that it matters much. ¬†Anyways, I rather like Choux’s simple design and it is moe enough for me! I just need to get her to draw it more, or recreated it or something. I have money and I am not afraid of spending it on generic looking (and I mean it in the best way possible) characters named after myself. (Now that is a business idea.)

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