Crunchyroll Rolls a Squid’s Hat

Whose idea is it to run promos on Christmas weekend…

But hey, if they’re cool seiyuu vids with autographed prizes to go with, you can roll it whenever you want! I think it’s pretty awesome that CR is doing all these things. It’s like NISA’s thingy with AX but this is fine too, if even more fair to those people who can’t go to cons (read: most people).

More importantly, if you are a CR user you would know that their anime contests 90% of the time are some kind of “collect x badges!” or some other random crap thing you get by running the video and get badges within a certain time frame. Which is totally not helpful for people who are watching something already. Something like this seems at least fun for everyone and possibly more fair, lol.

See this thread for the contest rules and information on how to do it.

Also see this interview. LOL. Get your share of Hisako Kanemoto, who’s made two big splashes this year and at least one more next year(?) in Makoto Shinkai’s new film.

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